Friday Meanderings

Homosassa Goes Hollywood



All apologizes for not posting. Or putting up my pic of the day every day.

But, I can only spend so many hours in front of the computer.  Before I start getting the ebbie-jeebies.

And most of those over the past several weeks have been dedicated to “Homosassa Goes Hollywood”.

And it was well worth it!  We made over $10,000! All for restoration of the water tower. And even better, it was a MAJOR FUN PARTY!  I got to dress up.  Hang with a lot of great people.  Eat wonderful local food donated by our amazing local restaurants and friends.  Had a few glasses of beer.  (And maybe a sip of champagne.) Got to see the movie I made on the big screen.

Best fund raising event I’ve ever been to.  (and I’ve been to a few)

Homosassa Goes Hollywood
Does it look like we are having fun? How often do you get to pose in front of the paparazzi! I LOVE this photo!  We look great!  And happy!

And then I got this award….

Very Surprised
Very Very Very Surprised!

For doing what I love doing with a group that is GREAT!  

Seriously,  I had no idea.  Didn’t even know that there was an award.  After all, OHHC is just over a year old.  We are hardly even toddlers in the community groups.

But we’ve already raised $20,000 towards restoring the Old Homosassa Water Tower.  Our co-chairs, DeeDee and Marian are absolutely amazing.  And all the members are enthusiastic, excited, energetic and…. I can’t think of any more descriptive E words.  It’s just a really great group.

Unlike one other community group that I’m in that is all about bickering.  Bickering.  Bickering.  Jeeeze….

So what’s going on locally?

This weekend is the final Open House at Three Sisters Springs.  Your last chance to get in for free.  There will be a mob of manatees there.  Three Sisters Springs has been closed to visitors from the waterside because of the extreme cold, high tides, and a million manatees. Okay.  Maybe 300. But that’s a lotta manatees!  

If you are going, go early.  The buses will be at Kings Bay Plaza.  That’s on US-19 behind the Sonic drive-through. Last year we got there bright and early, waited in line for maybe 10 minutes to get on the bus. When we returned to our parking space, the line of people waiting was about 1/2 mile long. But this is the best open house because you are guaranteed to see manatees.  It’s worth waiting in that line!  The boardwalk around Three Sisters Springs is amazing!

Three Sisters Springs Open House

We went to the last two open houses this manatee season but will be missing this one. I know, that’s just crazy, but one of our kids needs some help so Terry is headed to Tampa.  

I’ll probably be working on the new web design for the Homosassa Festival.  

Here’s some pics from last February….

Three Sisters Springs Open House threesisters1

Three Sisters Springs Open House

Have a great weekend!


Friday Meanderings

golf cart sign

Oh Jeeeeeeeze,

I really planned on posting at least three times this week.

Even took all the photos, had the posts in my head.

And then…..stuff happened.

STUFF ALWAYS HAPPENS! It happens to everyone.  You know?

Some good stuff. 

Some bad stuff.  

And I’m not going into details because it’s MY stuff.  


“Homosassa Goes Hollywood” is on SATURDAY!  So excited.  

Gotta say, DeeDee Pierce Wilcox is totally amazing.  She works a full time job and pulled this entire gala together.  

All I had to do is make a little movie.  And do some shopping.

I’ve got the draft finished.  Going to test it tomorrow. On the big screen. Woohoo!  I’m going to Hollywood.  Okay. Not really.  But I am going to Inverness!

The tickets to the Red Carpet Premier have been sold out for a few weeks, but you can still attend the cocktail party at the Old Citrus County Courthouse in Inverness.  For free.  5:30.  Be there. I’ll buy you a drink.  Seriously.

And we’re having a Silent Auction.  You will not believe all the cool stuff that have been donated to this endeavor.  So much TOTALLY COOL STUFF!  

Okay. Besides the “Homosassa Goes Hollywood” major major event.

We went to a few meetings this week.  

The really important one was the “Access to the River” committee.  Our commissioner, Ron Kitchen, was there before the meeting even started. A politician early? What??? We didn’t even know he was coming. And Commissioner Kitchen listened and then gave us some advice as to how we should proceed.  

Things are moving forward.

So what’s going on this weekend?


Be there!

Have a great weekend!

I’m going to have a BUSY one!


golf cart sign
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

Friday Meanderings

Jose Gasparilla Pirate Ship


Where have I been?

Not that long ago I posted five days a week.

And this week all I posted was blah, blah, blah, blah….

And I have totally ignored my DIY website.


Ready for my excuse???

I’ve been learning new software.  Well, stuff I kind of knew and then decided to make the big step and upgrade and really learn it.

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time but couldn’t justify the time or expense but I had the opportunity to work on an exciting new project and just bit the bullet.

And I gotta say, I can only sit so many hours a day in front of my computer(s). Or tablet. Or smarty-pants phone.

So I’ve been using those geeky hours to learn software and working on a really fun event. 

But, I’ll be back. 


And after I use up my computer hours, I still get to have fun and I’m wondering…

What’s going on this weekend?

I don’t even know!  I haven’t read anything in the Chronicle about stuff going on.  And it’s going to be a lovely weekend.  The Rain and the Cold is OVER!  Well, for this weekend at least.

The Greens are going to the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion tomorrow!  ( I’m not missing any fun social events just to learn software!)  One of our kids lives on Davis Island and he’s invited us to an Invasion Party!  Arrrrrrgh!  There will be photos next week!


Hope you have a great weekend, too!


Jose Gasparilla Pirate Ship