Friday Meanderings

mermaid sign

mermaid signOkay, you know where you are supposed to be tomorrow.  Right?  Here in Old Homosassa.  Enjoying all that great seafood.  Much of it deep fried.  Usually I can smell the oil cooking away all the way to my house.  Of course, if the wind is right I can hear the bands at the Shed.  

Speaking of.  Sarasota Slim  At the Shed.  Saturday evening.  Sunday afternoon. I will be slipping over there.

And lets talk about OUR entertainment at the Festival.  

 “Shades of Gray” and Cat Valentine are playing on Saturday. Rick Standard is playing on Sunday.  Followed by “Under the Willow”, a bluegrass band.  With a banjo.  Looking forward to hearing all of the groups.  

Next interesting event is the Homosassa River Alliance meeting at the Civic Club on November 19th.  They usually hold their meeting on the second Thursday of the month but the Festival committee has to use the Civic Club on that night. So it’s been rescheduled.  Gerry Mulligan, the publisher for the Citrus County Chronicle will be the special guest.  He’s a very interesting and informative speaker and will be talking about Citrus County’s future with our waterways. It’s open to the public. We’ll be there.  Well, if we make it through the Festival weekend!

Have a great weekend!


Friday Meanderings

Blue Dice

There is a direct correlation between how active I’m in the community and the quantity and quality of my blog posts.  Seems every day there’s a meeting, a volunteer session, or I need to update one of the community websites.  So I apologize for the lack of posts.  I’m still here, just out and about. 

Terry is even more involved than me.  I’m not up for physical labor–he’s out there moving concrete patio tables and marking lines on the road.  Me, I’ll stick with my computer work!

So what exactly is going on this month???

Black Diamond is having an Invitational Car Show tomorrow.  We’ll be there in the AM.

In the PM we’ll be at the Blues & BBQ in Old Homosassa.  The last two years have been cold or rainy at this outdoor event.  This year we are having unseasonably warm weather.  I’ll go for shorts and tanks over sweat pants and gloves anyday!

Cool Corporate Cats, the 18th Annual Blues and BBQ festival in Old Homosassa

The Stone Crab Jam is in Crystal River Saturday evening.  We hear that this is the best festival of the year in Crystal River. 

Next weekend is the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival. At the Festival we have “Shades of Gray” entertaining us from 11:30 to 1:30 then Cat Valentine from 2:00 to 5:00 on Saturday. On Sunday Rick Standard will perform from noon until 2 and then “Under the Willow” takes over.  All of our crafts and arts booths are FULL.  We have mermaid t-shirts and posters for sale.  And all that yummy food. Don’t even think about going anywhere else!  Unless, of course, it’s over to the Shed where my favorite band “Sarasota Slim” is performing both days. 

When you come to the Festival stop by the Old Homosassa Heritage Council booth and get a t-shirt and a raffle ticket. Money goes to restore the water tower.  

Also, the Learning Center is having a raffle for the original art work by Gil Watson for the t-shirts and posters.  $5.00!  I’m volunteering at the Learning Center now.  So this one is personal to me, also.  Hmmmm, now I’m thinking I should be suggesting that you NOT get those raffle tickets.  Cause I want to win that painting.


And one final note, the next crime watch meeting in Old Homosassa is November 23rd.  Mark your calendar! This is a really informative meeting.  If you live in Old Homosassa, you should be there!

Have a great weekend!


Friday Meanderings


Terry, Maggie and I went kayaking.  


Just a typical kayak outing.  

Seriously, how lucky am I to be able to go out my back door and set out on my kayak?  Like I always say, I’m living in Perfect.

But, anyhow,


We were just doing an easy little cruise out to Mason Creek and we saw this bobber.  

Up and down it went.

And we started following it.

Took a while because every time we got close, that bobber darted away.

Then we surrounded that bobber, and Terry pulled it up!



And pulled that hook out,


And set that catfish free!

Maggie was VERY excited!


There’s gotta be more!

So what are you doing this weekend?  There are lots of activities since the weather is WONDERFUL!

We are headed to Three Sisters Springs for the annual open house.  It’s FREE!  Just go to Kings Bay Plaza and get on the bus.  The earlier the better.  Lots of informational displays.  A band.  Booths.  Free!

And then we’re going to OctoberFest at the Watson’s Gallery in Old Homosassa.  Starts at 4 pm.  $15 each.  Bring your own German Beer to go with the German Feast to ensue.  Cat Valentine will be entertaining!  If you are going, RSVP please!

Stuff to put on your calendar:

Blues and BBQ is the first Saturday of November.  If you like music, BE THERE!  Get your tickets at the Museum Cafe.


November 14 – 15, The Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.  So much going on.  So much fun.  (So many people) We have entertainment this year.  Shades of Gray and Cat Valentine on Saturday.  I’m not in charge of Sunday, but someone fun will be there!

Oh, you should be there, too! Because we know that you are FUN!

Oh, and by the way, just in case you didn’t remember…

It’s Darin and Kathryn’s wedding.  ONE MORE WEEK FROM TODAY!  All the family is arriving as I type.  Well, except my son and my sweet little four year old granddaughter Piper who were on an Alligiant flight out of Fargo to Orlando that got cancelled.  Gosh. Darn.  Trying to bite my tongue and not use really bad words.Kathryn and Darin

Have a great weekend!