Friday Meanderings

I didn’t post last Friday because my network hard drive crashed.  Pieces everywhere–not really.  Very sad.  And I hadn’t backed it up since the middle of December.  Heavy sigh.  Live by PC. Die by PC.  I’ve spent some time on the phone with first level techs who told me to do everything I had already done.  (Once upon a time I was a network specialist so I’m not clueless)  Now I’m waiting for a call back from second level tech that will tell me that the drive is bad and send it back for a brand new replacement. Which I can’t do because there is data on there that I’m not sharing with our friends in India.  Heavy sigh.  Live by PC.  Die by PC.  Now I’m looking at cloud based storage.  And I had all my photos for the past few months on the card in the camera so I was able to retrieve those so it’s not a total loss!

Okay.  On to better stuff.

The squirrels are in retreat since Terry has covered up every possible spot that they could chew through.  They still run across the office roof sounding like tiny elephants in full charge.

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council has a big event coming up– “Cocktail Hour for the Tower”.  My friend Connie is running it and has it amazingly under control.  She is very detail oriented plus an experienced caterer and pulled this together in a very short time frame.  This will be FUN!  Almost all the tickets have already been sold!

Cocktail Hour

Sad News.  The Yardarm and Monkey Bar closed down on Tuesday.  Locked the doors and sent everyone home!  This 50 year old restaurant/bar had significant damage from the last hurricane plus sitting right on the Homosassa River the foundation has rotted away. The owner says that they will replace it with an outdoor structure by scallop season.  I probably haven’t been there for two years so, while I felt bad that another local landmark was being replaced, I didn’t think it would effect me.  Well.  It does.  A group of us went to the Old Mill for dinner on Wednesday and couldn’t get a seat. We ended up at the shiny new Margarita Grill.  It’s on the other side of the river–on the other side of the bridge!  Surprisingly, we got parking and a table to seat us all.  Guess 8 o’clock on Wednesday is the time to go!

Friday Meanderings
That’s Tommy Piliourous, the owner, setting something on fire.

The food was good.  Just like the old restaurant before it burnt down.  There is outside seating but it was a little chilly that night.

Mentioning the “bridge”, it’s been one lane for quite some time now. (Which has caused at least one medical emergency)  I can’t remember when it started.  Supposed to be done this month!  There was even an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago with an official quoted as saying February 2018.  Ha! Maybe February 2019. They haven’t even finished the first lane and will have to divert traffic over to it when its done and then work on the other lane.  They’ve had all kinds of issues–starting with an osprey making it’s nest on one of the cranes.  They are protected.  Just can’t move a nest!  Then the water lines burst washing out a lot of the ground around the foundation.  And they issues driving the pilings in.  More to come in the future on that subject!

The ukulele group is growing.  I was calling it the Ukulele Ladies and Laddies just because I like to say it, but someone referred to it as the Homosassa Ukers.  Funny?  So that’s who we are now! Playing uke is relatively easy–not like picking a banjo.  I just wish I could sing!

Friday Meanderings
The empty seat is mine. 14 ukers!

Last big announcement.  This is an event still in the making.  Haven’t even got the graphic done yet.  The 2nd Annual Old Homosassa Community Day!  April 7, 2018.  Put it on your calendar.  There will be a giant yard sale in the Homosassa Civic Center with all proceeds going to the Old Homosassa Heritage Council to paint the water tower.  The American Legion 166 will be having a hog roast and poker run–proceeds going towards getting a building for them.  Open mike on the stage–the ukers will be making their debut.  Gil Watson, local artist, will be setting up an artist and farmer’s market.  Our local community groups will have information booths.  The Homosassa Civic Club is sponsoring this event.

Okay.  Enough for today!

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the commercials and halftime at the SuperBowl!



Friday Meanderings

OMG!  Christmas is MONDAY!!!!

Anyone ready?

I was making Christmas quilts for all of our children this year.  HA!

I finished one and gave it as a wedding gift last week.  (What!  Where are my priorities!) We ran into her at the grocery store today and she told me how much she LOVED it!  (Sorry adult child that won’t be getting that one but she was really happy!)

Here’s the quilt. And an absolutely perfect Christmas tree. It’s real. Really! Best tree ever!

I did ALMOST get one done for Lauri and Alan.  I’ll be finished this morning. Yippee! Now I’ve got to ship it to North Dakota.  Two day priority usually takes four days to ND but I’m hoping that it gets there before she puts the Christmas decor away!  I’ve only been working on these quilts since August!  Thought this would be easy peasy since I had so much time.  Whoops!  I should stay home more!

I guess I’ll give the other three kids IOUs.

I probably told you about our Children’s Christmas Outreach.  Of course I did!  Between the Homosassa Civic Club, The Old Mill Tavern, the Homosassa Rotary, and Cayla’s Coats, we bought gifts for 40 families–104 CHILDREN!  “Wrapping the presents” day was on Tuesday (because the Old Mill is closed only that day)  Started about 1 pm and all the presents were suitably attired by 4:30!

Then the parents/guardians started picking them up Wednesday morning at the Homosassa Civic Club.  Volunteers were there to hand out the gifts.  So much stuff!  Many parents were in tears that the organizations had been so generous. I’m sad because so many of our neighbors are in so much need.  But happy that all these kids will get something from Santa.

The civic club also had a Christmas Party for the Homosassa Children.  The Coolest Santa ever was there with his wife.  (Gotta say that Mrs. Claus looked at me and said “I know you!” and I shouted out that “I’ve been really good this year!”)

santa claus

So much fun!

And me!


And all the volunteers.  BIG SHOUT OUT!  We can’t do it without these people.  And when I look at this photo I not only see Homosassa Civic Club volunteers but lets talk about all the other groups.  From the left, there’s Jackie that volunteers for the Good News Club and the Old Homosassa Learning Center.  Hiding behind her is Steve Minguy–head of the Homosassa River Restoration Project, me, Judy Biston–part of so many charitable groups I can’t even list them, Cindy Minguy–volunteers at the Learning Center and does website and everything else for the Homosassa River Restoration Project, Iris Rose–Homosassa River Alliance and Access to the River Committee, Robby, Homossa Civic Club Member and all around volunteer for everything, Barb Fletcher–I can’t even list everything but she is on every charitable group everywhere, Tim Gatto, clown and chairman of the house committe, FRONT ROW, Rhonda Yent–chairperson of the arts and crafts of the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival plus chairperson of the Children’s Outreach, Donna Fletcher, volunteer for everything, and Christine Stuckie, treasurer of the Civic Club and will do anything that is EVER NEEDED!


santa helpers

Along with many other people that weren’t in the photo (Terry had just gone home to get ready for the next event!)  We have a GREAT COMMUNITY! It’s totally amazing how much everyone gives back.

Love it!

Have a great weekend and a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!