“Fit for Life” Failure

I am a dieting failure.  All it took was Courtney, Addison, Kendall and Debby.  The first three being small people that invaded my space for four days and the last a large tropical storm sitting off of the coast beating us with bands of rain and wind. Housebound, we had no choice but to watch Disney movies and eat a lot of popcorn.

Here’s some pics I took yesterday morning and afternoon.

Maggie wanted to go for a walk and that turned into a swim! Creeps me out to walk through standing water so all shoes were sent through the washer and Maggie’s belly was sprayed down when we got home. Sent Courtney directly to the shower! Next time I’ll have on my boots!


The floating kayak dock is not normally higher than the boat dock. Will be interesting to see how high it can get! We think that the yard must have been underwater during the night because of the mulch on the pavers.
Water over the dock step. Hasn’t been like this  since we were hit by a freak early tropical storm in 2006 and the storm surge flooded the yard.

The water continued to rise and I snapped these photos about 6:30 between rain bands.

The view from our seawall
Maggie likes the water this high. She can easily pull her own ball out of the water when she tosses it in.
Looks like neighbor Jeremy and Roxie are walking on water.
The water from the canal has come up the neighbor’s boat ramp and flooded the yard. The last time we had water in the yard, the plants died since the water is brackish. Looks like I’ll be doing some new landscaping.
The boat is up as high as possible.  Safe for now!

Debby still hasn’t decided quite where she wants to land and now the weather guys are saying she won’t make landfall until Wednesday evening.  I’ll put pictures up of the Homosassa area on Thursday.


Dogs in the Hood

We met a new dog this weekend and he was sure happy to see us!  He was quite the barker and Maggie stayed far away!  I’m not sure what his name was since his person said it changes daily so I’m just going to call him Happy Yappy.


This dog visits The Shed quite a bit but we haven’t been formally introduced.  So I just call him the Big Red Dog.  He’s very laid back and would like to be Maggie’s friend but she has sent him ‘stay away’ vibes and he respects her feelings.

Big Red Dog

And here’s Ruby.  She used to run loose at the Shed but she was a bad girl at some point and now is on her leash at all times.  Ruby is almost the sweetest dog ever.

I haven’t been able to get Maggie to pose for me since I started photographing other dogs.  She used to be quite the model and got very excited whenever I got the camera out.  Now she just acts miffed and turns away.  But I tricked her into this shot by telling her that her nemesis Daisy was on her way to have a conversation. Maggie was like “DAISY-where?! I can take her!”  They’d already exchanged a few choice words and they weren’t nice ones.

Magster the wagsterAnd here’s a special guest.  Reeses doesn’t really live in the hood but I went to visit her the other day.  Her people are renovating their house and she’s helping by disposing of some trash wood.  “Just trying to do my part!”


That’s it for the Dogs in the Hood this month!