Friday Meanderings

How cute is Maggie? She actually let me take her photo without a biscuit!  We rarely let her off of the leash anymore.  Being partially blind and almost completely deaf, she can’t see my hand commands and can’t hear those I shout at her.  We rode our bikes down to the Cobia Big Fish Tournament with Maggie in the basket.
SO many boats in every size. All waiting for that 7 am count down and “132 you’re good to go” Seriously, that announcer says that 200 times!

The tournament is a lot of fun even if you don’t fish.  BBQ on Saturday and fish fry on Sunday.  Plus art, t-shirts, and the OHHC booth! It’s turning into a mini-festival!

cobia tournament

It was also the end of the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt!  My friends won 1st and 2nd.  And I didn’t give them any clues.  Seriously, I didn’t know the answers!

Here’s Melinda and Sue, bloody mary’s in hand, running for the finish line. Doesn’t it look like Melinda will win?
But no, the clue said you had to touch the little water tower. Sue saw it first. Can you see the water tower over Sue’s shoulder.  Melinda completely missed it!

The third place winner, Teri Reed, gave half of her winnings back to the OHHC.  Melinda told me yesterday that her and Sue gave all their winnings back to the community–with drinks at Old Mill!

If you read my posts on, the following info is not new.  (You read it, right? Comes out on Thursday!)  Just in case you don’t, I’m giving you a little review…..

Way back in April, two groups from Old Homosassa headed to Tallahassee to show support for adding two bills to the state budget for funding.  Both groups, “Access to the River” and “Homosassa River Restoration Project” got bills passed and money in the state budget.

Unfortunately, the governor vetoed the money for the restoration project.

Steve Minguy, president of the Homosassa River Restoration Project, is not giving up.  In an email to concerned residents, Steve thanked Senator Simpson and Representative Massullo for their support but the group is not waiting for next year to ask for money from the state.  They are staying active. He will be setting up a community meeting plus putting together a brochure.  In addition, he is looking for a “good grant writer”.

The “Access to the River” group fared better.  $850,000 was put in the budget for what is now being called the Homosassa Heritage Park and that made it past the governor’s veto pen!  But much more is needed to buy the property.
As a member of the “Access to the River” committee, I attended Citrus County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting Tuesday (June 13) to find out if the park would receive money from the BP Restore Funds.  I’ve attended a few of these meetings and there are several projects seeking that money.  That meeting put the park at number two, behind the Crystal River Boardwalk project.

I’m disappointed.  The commissioners unanimously voted for Crystal River saying that the boardwalk idea has been discussed for 24 years!  The chairperson of our group, Roger Cullen, got up to say that Old Homosassa has been trying to get a park on the river for 70 years.

Anyhow, that’s where we are now.  I’ll update you as the park progresses–that’s what I’m here for!

On a lighter note, Terry and I went to lunch before the BOCC meeting in downtown Inverness.  We planned on going to Deco Cafe which I’ve wrote about before.  Closed!  What!  That doesn’t leave much on that block.  Stumpknockers, Coaches, Subway and Motor City Pasta.  We went to the later because that was the only place we hadn’t been yet.  Terry and I both had paninis.  Very Yummy.  Unless something new opens up before our next BOCC visit, we will go there again.

Scallop season is almost on us.  Again.  The influx of scallopers helps our economy but hurts the river.  A typical boater comes in, heads out to the Gulf, snorkels for the scallop, head back to the spring and shuck those scallops. After years and years and years of throwing those shells into the springs, the local community groups have gotten together to stop this activity.  Yeah, pick up those scallops but throw the shells in the Gulf.  Not our river.  After asking the county to step in to help stop this activity, Old Homosassa got this sign at the boat ramp.

scallop sign

That wasn’t good enough for our local residents.  They banded together and had these signs made.


Local citizens, community groups, and businesses are placing these signs in prominent spots.

I know.  You are thinking.  I HAD NO IDEA!

Hey.  It’s okay.  Just don’t do it anymore!

Have a great weekend!




Friday Meanderings


It’s hot!

And it’s DRY!

My yard is getting brown and crunchy. Which would normally be okay because it will come back when the summer rains start. Or if the rains don’t come–no big deal.

But I’ve got a wedding scheduled on the 27th. On that brown and crunchy grass!

I do water the garden beds and they are beautiful. Hopefully the bride and her guests will just see all of those beautiful flowers! Her colors are pink and green and I’ve tried to accommodate!

So what else is going on?

We put a Sign up at the Learning Center. Took several of the leading citizens of the community. Handling tools and standing on desks.sign


Look at those HAPPY FACES!

OKAY.  These are the people that are saving our river and our community.

Pretty cool that Terry and I are part of it.


Then we all went to Old Mill to celebrate!


Okay.  Just a couple more snaps.

Vivian, my little sewist on Wednesday, was supposed to make her mom coasters for Mother’s Day.

She made two.

And gave me one.

And one more.

In our Sew Cool Workshop on Thursdays, Connie almost finished her second boho bag.

Connie is a natural model

Sew Cool.


boho bag


Don’t forget about the FISHING HOMOSASSA 101 Seminar at the Old Homosassa Learning Center on Thursday, May 18 at 7 pm.  Could be standing room only!

Have a great weekend.  I will.  Daughter Jes and her husband Andrew are coming in!  Yippee!



Friday Meanderings

This was a beautiful week. Busy but beautiful.

Here’s a hawk that’s using my bird feeder as his bird feeder.




So, like I said.  This hawk is using my bird feeder for dinner.  Yesterday when I went out to fill up the feeder he was sitting on top of it and I had to chase him away.

Doves–you need to move to a new untended feeder!

This guy was actually watching a snake that was coiling around our deck. And I would show you pics but I promised a friend (from ND) that I would never put a snake snap on this site again. Because she’s terrified of them. Not that she actually reads the blog anymore.

But a promise is a promise.

So if you want to see the cool snake photos you’ll have to go to my other blog’s photo page,

I do have some nice shots of a Monarch Butterfly right here!

And an update on the stage for the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival–It’s done!  Just needs to be moved into place!

stage for the Homosassa ARts Crafts and Seafood Festival

So what’s up this weekend?

Sarasota Slim will be at the Shed on Sunday at 2 pm. Very cool band.

Besides that, we’ll be hanging out on the Nature Coast. It’s a laid back weekend for us!

Have a great weekend!