Friday Meanderings on a Tuesday

The end of April and still ice covered ponds.

Made it through 8 days and nights without a REAL computer with lots of memory and a keyboard. Here’s a snap of one of the reasons I didn’t want to drag it along on my flights to ND.

Express jet
And no, I don’t know who that guy is!

Plus there’s that 4 hour layover in Denver where I walk from one end of the airport where the big jets land to the other end where the wee jet gates are. Then walking from that gate for about another mile to board baby jet on the tarmac. Got my 10,000 steps in that day!

So I’ve been taking photos and blogging on my iPad Pro and iPhone. I downloaded a bunch of apps for photo fixing and finally found one that let me resize my photos to fit my blogs. And is one advertisement after the other. (No, I do not need …) Very frustrating but it works. Well maybe not. Sometimes the apps decide to crop differently then I expect.

Cookie time

And as promised last week, I have pics!

Adley never sleeps a whole night in her own bed. “I scared” Sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning she very noisily crawls into my bed.
Then wakes up a happy baby about 7 am. Grandma’s not so happy since she’s been up since 2 or 3 in the morning.
Yes! I am that Grandma! But at least she’s drinking milk rather than a coke!
Good morning
Good morning pic before school/daycare. (Grandma is very thankful for school/daycare and that the kids each have their own tablets)
Karate Kitty!
Got the girls ukuleles. Piper learned four chords. Adley not so interested. That uke is coming back to Florida to be replaced with drums. I’m sure her mom and dad will love that!
This is a Pewter. He has gained a LOT of weight since last August. Pewter, you might want to consider Weight Watchers.

Deep thoughts….

I blame a lot of my “ailments” on a little too much wine.

Can’t sleep….quit drinking

wake up feeling exhausted….quit drinking

can’t  concentrate….quit drinking

can’t  lose weight…..quit drinking

So I quit. For 7 days. (Only because I was entirely responsible for those two sweet girls) Still couldn’t  sleep, still woke up exhausted, still couldn’t concentrate, and still didn’t lose weight.

And now for another glass of wine.

Hey, I live in Old Homosassa. One of the few southern communities that have more bars than churches. Which begs the question…. Do we move to Old Homosassa because we drink or does living in Old Homosassa make us drink?

Have a happy week!


Friday Meanderings

mount mcCloud

It’s HOT!  And HUMID!

Florida in July.

What else should we expect?  Right?

I tried to escape from all that temperature by heading to Spedwell, Tennessee.

With my besties.

Here’s a pic of us at McCloud Mountain Restaurant.

From the left, me, Yvonne, Sherri, Barb, and Donna

We all worked at the same company.  All at different locations.  And in some cases different times.

I was at the Moore McCormick office in Brooksville. 1984????? I was the marketing secretary.  Donna, Yvonne and Sherri were was at the Florida Mining & Materials cement plant in Brooksville which was owned by Moore McCormick. Barb was at a cement plant in Ohio with SouthDown which eventually bought Moore McCormick.I moved to the Tampa office when that happened.

Somehow, we all got to be besties over the years.  Even though I left SouthDown back in 1990.

And it was STILL HOT but not quite as humid in Speedwell, TN.  But they have a boat on a lake with no alligators!  So we made the best of it!

And I made a new friend while I was there.


I’m back!

Today is the last day of the Summer Program at the Old Homosassa Learning Center.  The Fall Program starts on September 5th.  We have a new coordinator on board to run the program.  The learning center will be open from 3:30 – 5:30 everyday that the Citrus County school system is open.  There will be a different theme each day.  Our yoga teacher will be teaching yoga to the kids for half an hour on Tuesdays.  Our sewing coach will be helping the kids make costumes for Halloween on Thursdays.  And the guitar classes will continue on Wednesday.

First we have to do a MAJOR cleanup of the building.  Smells like sweaty kids!

Speaking of sweaty, Terry and I are doing the parking on Saturday for the scallopers.  Money goes to the learning center. We need two new doors, a refrigerator, and a projector. We’ll be working a lot of Saturdays!

Not much else going on around here.  Because it’s HOT!  Oh yeah, I think I already mentioned that!

Have a great weekend!


mount mcCloud


Old Homosassa Goes to Tallahassee

I usually don’t post on Tuesday anymore.  But…..this is kind of important.

We have two very active  groups that are tirelessly working on projects for the Homosassa River. I posted a picture on Friday of the group and I’d like to tell you a little more about the good works that these people are doing

A wee bit of history–two years ago, Roger Cullen formed the “Access to the River” committee.  Made up of members of the Homosassa Civic Club, The Homosassa River Alliance, and the Old Homosassa Heritage Council, the goal is to create a park on the Homosassa River.  Hard to believe, but there is no park on the river.

After the “Access to the River” group visited the Save Crystal River King’s Bay project, Steve and Cyndy Minguy created the non-profit, “Homosassa River Restoration Project”.  The goal is to restore the Homosassa River in the same method as the Crystal River group is doing.

save crystal river
Members of the “Access to the River” committee taking a tour of the “Save Crystal River” project

Both projects need state funding.

Last Wednesday members of these groups made the trip to Tallahassee to fight for funding.

Old Homosassa goes to Tallahassee

Senator Simpson has sponsored a bill to help out the “Homosassa River Restoration Project” and it has been funded on the Senate side.

Old Homosassa goes to Tallahassee
From the left, Steve Minguy, president of “Homosassa River Restoration Project”. Christine Stuckie, Senator Simpson, and Roger Cullen

On the House side, the bill was sponsored by Rep Ralph Massullo and has come out of subcommittee but is not yet funded.

Old Homosassa goes to Tallahassee
Representative Massullo  explains how the legislative process works.

Both Senator Simpson and Represenative Massullo have been very supportive of the projects and continue to guide the groups to get that funding.

If you are also concerned about the health of the Homosassa River, you can help out the “Homosassa River Restoration Project” by emailing the legislative assistant to Representative Carlos Trujillo, Mauricio Montiel at Representative Trujillo is the Appropriation Committee Chairman and will have a lot to say from the House side on who is included in the final budget.

Your email would be so helpful, but please be nice and make it brief. Just ask that they fund Bill 2401 and help restore the Homosassa River and help our community. You can use the “Homosassa River Restoration Project” as the subject line.

Let’s save the Homosassa River now!

Old Homosassa goes to Tallahassee