Friday Meanderings

mount mcCloud

It’s HOT!  And HUMID! Florida in July. What else should we expect?  Right? I tried to escape from all that temperature by heading to Spedwell, Tennessee. With my besties. Here’s a pic of us at McCloud Mountain Restaurant. We all worked at the same company.  All at different locations.  And in some cases different times. … Read more

Old Homosassa Goes to Tallahassee

I usually don’t post on Tuesday anymore.  But…..this is kind of important. We have two very active  groups that are tirelessly working on projects for the Homosassa River. I posted a picture on Friday of the group and I’d like to tell you a little more about the good works that these people are doing A … Read more

An Evening in Inverness


Saturday evening we went to Inverness, Small Town Done Right!  We had reservations at McLeod’ House Bistro but wanted to take a walk through town to check out what’s new. We had heard that Fox Den Winery, our favorite wine bar, was closing.  The owners were there so we stopped in.  Yes.  Closed.  Didn’t want … Read more