An Evening in Inverness


Saturday evening we went to Inverness, Small Town Done Right!  We had reservations at McLeod’ House Bistro but wanted to take a walk through town to check out what’s new.

We had heard that Fox Den Winery, our favorite wine bar, was closing.  The owners were there so we stopped in.  Yes.  Closed.  Didn’t want to renew their lease and are moving to Ocala.  Kind of sad.

Valerie Theatre
Valerie Theatre
Citrus county courthouse museum
Citrus County Courthouse Museum


Wine and Beer
A new wine and beer bar? Maybe that’s the real reason that Fox Den closed!
Coaches Bar
Coach’s Bar
The Next Chapter
The Next Chapter Bookstore
Deco Cafe
Deco Cafe
Joyce's Courtside Pub
Joyce’s Courtside Pub
McCleods Bistro
McLeod’s House Bistro
Patio Dining
Patio Dining

McCleods Bistro

Most of the same places are open and very busy and there were are a few new spots.  Good to see!


Friday Meanderings

Dinner on the patio

I’ve been gone a lot over the past six weeks–three long weekends out-of-town.

I’m really behind in everything I’m supposed to be doing.  But I’m back and plan to get caught up!


So where was I on this last trip?

I hate having my kids living so far away from me.  We don’t get to see them nearly enough, but at least they live in fun places.

We were just in DC for 5 days to visit Jessica and Andrew.  They live in the Cleveland Park area which is a quick walk to the National Zoo.  (no, I’m not talking about congress or the presidential race)

We went there a couple times.  Just so I could get some photos of the pandas.

Papa Bear, Tian Tian, did his best to give me butt poses.
Pandas in DC
Finally got this pic of him.  Still not a great photo.
Pandas in DC
Mei Xiang, mama bear, having breakfast. 
Bao Bao
Here’s the best snap I could get of the three-year-old Bao Bao.  The newest panda baby, Bei Bei was no where in sight on either of our visits.

So I gave up on the pandas.

This elephant was much more cooperative.  Because he’s kind of big and has no where to hide!

elephant at DC Zoo

And the Bison

Bison at DC Zoo
On the first visit they were both lying down with the faces in the other direction!

We went walking through the trails in Rock Creek Park every morning.

Walking in Rock Creek Park
Terry, Andrew and Jessica

Which was a good thing because we did a lot of eating and drinking!

Dinner on the patio
I think this looks like a photo shoot from Southern Living! Right?
Lunch at an Irish Bar
OMG! Fried, Fried, and more Fried at an Irish Bar!
Drinks in Georgetown
Drinks in Georgetown

We had a private tour of the Smithsonian Natural History Arachnid department by the curator, Hannah Wood.  Her mom is a mermaid!  Pays to know someone!

Took a touristy afternoon to see a few sites.

Jes and Terry in DC
Jes and Terry
Martin Luther King, Jr. monument
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. First time for us for this monument.

We also checked out all of the war memorials.

National World War II Memorial
National World War II Memorial

National World War II Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial. We did not go see the wall. We did that many years ago and it is just too sad for us.
Friday meanderings
Two types of transportation for police at the Lincoln Memorial.

It was a great visit!.  We won’t be taking any mini-vacas for awhile so I’ll get back into my old routine! 

Have a great weekend!  Maybe I’ll see you out and about!