Home again, home again

Riley flew to Tampa from Bismarck, North Dakota on July 20th.  All by himself.  Only 11-years-old.  I was worried.  His mom was worried.   We were both anxiously waiting at either ends of the country.  But Riley was super-duper.  He made it.  And we had a great three weeks with him.  And all of the Florida grandkids and cousin William spent lots of time with Riley, rockstar. Seriously, this kid was in demand.

But Riley wanted to go back to school.  Holy flip, do you know that you live like over 2000 miles away and we don’t have a return flight for you?

So we made his ‘I’ve gotta go back to school’ mantra into our first BIG road trip.  We originally planned on driving our convertible but decided at some point that idea was just crazy cakes.  Dog, kid, golf clubs.  Round trip about 4400 miles.  So we took the big-ass SUV and traveled in comfort.  (But not in cheap–gas was $3.89 in Illinois) Plus we were able to take a bunch of stuff home with us that we need for our next big festive event– the Al-La-palooza!  (oh yeah, expect some posts in the near future about that party.)

So we made it to Bismarck/Mandan and are home again.

And we’re missing Riley. Rockstar.

Welcome Home