Random thoughts

Every year over the holidays I gain 5 lbs. because “life is too short to eat carrots at Christmas”. Then after the holidays it just goes away.

Because I don’t normally eat sweets, I prefer vegetables over meat, and I actually like to exercise.

But this year, those 5 lbs have refused to budge. I’m still wearing yoga pants and hip length sweaters. What’s going on here?

Well, I figured it out yesterday. The holidays aren’t over!  New Year’s Day open house is quickly followed by Gasparilla, Ground Hog Day, and then it’s Superbowl Sunday. Next up Valentine’s Day. The holidays aren’t over until Presidents Day! That’s when those 5 lbs will magically melt away.

Skinny jeans—give me a couple more weeks!

SuperBowl Day Breakfast! If the day started out like that, you can imagine what I ate during the big game!

Another subject.

Organizing.  Why do I do that every year?  In January.  Is there some kind of brain thing that makes me what to clean and put things in pretty boxes only that one month a year?  I started clearning out the garage and February showed up a couple of days ago.  Done with that!

February is the month for sleeping. And gathering the stuff for taxes.

And then it’s MARCH!  And I get to replace all those flowers that were murdered in those nasty freezes of January.

Okay.  That’s it for my random thoughts for today.