Time to make some changes to the blog.  Hopefully you’ll think that they are for the better.  If not, let me know.  I’m always open to new ideas.

In Sunday’s Citrus Chronicle, publisher Gerry Mulligan’s column was “Enjoy County like a Tourist”. He highlighted several places in our own back yard that residents should visit. While Terry and I have hit most of the listed attractions, the article has inspired us to revisit those plus experience the few we missed. We really do appreciate all the great opportunities we have here in Citrus County.

Therefore on Tuesdays I will be highlighting our local attractions and people. I’ll be posting about our stops at all the places Mr. Mulligan listed plus add our own discoveries and put the links in our new menu tab Local Places, Local Faces.  I may venture out of Citrus County on these trips but they’ll usually be somewhere on the Nature Coast.

Thursday is our Travel Dog Blog, also a new menu tab. This week will feature one of the places that Mr. Mulligan listed in his article.

Michelle will continue posting her great recipes, DIY, decorating or whatever else she feels like writing about on Wednesday.

And I’ll continue erratically posting “Dogs in the Hood”, silly websites I’ve discovered, countdowns to events, DIY projects I’ve bungled and food I’ve burnt—just my typical meanderings!

I’ve always been all about change is GOOD!

And here’s a photo to start out your week!

Goodnight Moon



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