Christmas Wrap Up

I had big plans for the Christmas gifts this year.  All made by me! Easy peasy and special.   But I fell victim to the “10 pounds in a 5 pound sack” curse.  I probably should have started all these homemade gifts way before the month of December.

I thought it would be a breeze to make all four granddaughters these huge dolls.  I had made one for Jessica almost 30 years ago.  Gotta be a piece of cake.  But these little monsters had a mind of their own.  I sewed up two, started stuffing their limbs and watched them turn into aliens.  Seriously. They had major cellulite issues and they kept getting bigger!

Christmas Wrap Up

I had set a deadline of the 14th to get Piper’s doll done. The closer that date came, the more those possessed dolls aggravated me.  No cooperation what so ever.  When I finally accepted the fact that there was NO way I’d have Piper’s delivered by Christmas, I turned to Amazon for her gifts.

I did finally figure out the cellulite issue and the third doll looked pretty good. (No saving the first two) I finished her on Christmas Eve and gave her to the oldest granddaughter. I still intend to make the other girls’ dolls.  Maybe Valentines’s? Easter?  April Fools?


My other big gift idea was shopping totes for the women.  Seven totes.  Got three done. Such a failure!

Christmas Wrap Up
First Shopping Tote
Christmas Wrap Up
Shopping Totes 2 and 3.  I was into these coordinated blue fabrics.

And so what did I learn from this experience?  Nothing.  I’ll still try to “stuff 10 pounds in a 5 pound sack” next year.  And stay optimistic that a miracle will occur and all will be right in the world!  After all, it’s Christmas!

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  1. I think the dolls are adorable.. Piper totally could have had a cellulite doll.. She sees it on her mom…. and I think it would be way more peaceful than the piano—which she loves too!

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