Cobia Tournament

OMG!  This weekend was the Cobia Tournament.  This is the BIG tournament for Old Homosassa.  While there are two places to start out from, everyone has to take their boat to MacRae’s to get their fish weighed.  The excitement starts Friday night with two captains meetings. Which means that everyone that is in the tournament is hanging out at the Shed.

We went to the Shed Friday evening to meet up with friends and check out the band.  No parking.  No tables.  Glad we rode our bikes.  We ended up sitting at the picnic table at the Bait Shop.  Craziness.  Got a picture of these guys as they came in.

Red Snapper
This guide, Zack, he’s the guy in the back on the left and is about 21 years old, went out 105 miles to catch these red snapper. WOW!

It’s the tradition to get down to MacRae’s before 7 am on Saturday morning so we can watch the captains go out.  We barely got there in time.  We slept in a bit later than normal–could be from going to the Shed the evening before!

The Start
The Start
Waiting for their numbers to be called.
They are off
And they’re off! Almost as exciting as the Belmont!
The locals
The Locals.  See how far Gus and Maggie are from each other?  Gus really wants to be friends with the Magster but she’s not having anything to do with that!
Ladies in Pink
My favorite team, I call them the Ladies in Pink. They always have a drink while they go by the starting line!
MacRae's new patio
MacRae’s have put in a new paver patio. Nice.  And there’s the stage and a tented eating area.  So calm.  So empty.
Cobia tournament

On Sunday I rode my bike back to MacRae’s.  About 3:30.  I knew that the captains have to be in by 4 to have their catch weighed.  Thought that would be fun.  Not so much fun.  I don’t know where all of these people parked, but it couldn’t be legally!  Plus they were way ahead of me on the beer consumption.

Cobia tournament
There’s that tented eating area!
Cobia tournament
And the Shed.
Cobia tournament
Judge’s stand at 3:30.
Cobia tournament
Some of the catch

It was hot.  It was crowded.  I went home.  Yes, I’m a party pooper.  I’ll read in the paper who won! 

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