Cookie Day 2015

Cookie Day 2015

I should have had this posted Monday.

But I’ve been busy.

Busy having fun and celebrating my birthday every day.

And here’s the official COOKIE DAY PHOTO FOR 2015!

Cookie Day 2015

In case you haven’t been following my blog for very long, let me explain….

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. This isn’t your typical cookie exchange. It started with four friends getting together and baking cookies.  And drinking.  And eating a lot of really fattening food.

And those same friends are still getting together and we’ve picked up a few more friends as time has progressed and our daughters and daughter-in-laws have joined us.

It’s always been the Most Happiest Day of the Year.  And every year it just keeps getting better.

And here’s just a few random photos from the day.

aprons1 aprons6 aprons4 aprons2

Cookie Day 2015

Cookie Day 2015

Cookie Day 2015

Cookie Day 2015



And then, there was a surprise birthday party for me!

Because, you know, every day this month is all about a party for me!

Yes, while I was busy being the hostess of the cookie day, my husband and a few other husbands were out setting up the detached garage for a party.  And I had no clue.  Really the garage is right next to the house.  


Cookie Day 2015

party3 party1 Cookie Day 2015

partya5 Cookie Day 2015

There would be more photos but I was very busy have a very fun time.

Plus, I was kinda not prepared!

Thank you to my husband, daughter Jes, and all my cookie baking friends!

And the month has just begun!

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