I’ve been asking all family members for suggestions for a clever name for our next big event.  JAnjo (rhymes with banjo) didn’t work with anyone.  And all combinations of Jessica and Andrew are just wrong — Jesdrew?  Andjes?  So I’m going with the biggest catch phrase of all time.  How about THE JESSICA AND ANDREW EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

Must be in caps and have four exclamation points.

And here’s the oldest picture I could find of Jessica and Andrew together.  Michelle and I just happen to be there, too.  Thought that would be appropriate!


15 Weeks!

3 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Good Times in NYC – yes, I remember that as the night Jess wore an oversized TShirt AS A DRESS (and completely rocked it – of course!) Can’t wait for The Extravaganza…I’ll have to keep that title as a ‘copy & paste’ item 🙂

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