That’s me right now.  Terry and I’ve been working for months planning his mom’s 90th birthday party.  And it’s this weekend!  We have family coming in from all corners of the country.

My big part for the celebration is creating videos of her life with pics pulled together from the family.  I rarely use the software–Adobe Premier Pro–so have to relearn it every time I use it.  And this time my desktop computer kept crashing.  I ended up doing most of the project on my laptop using Windows Movie Maker.  So easy.  

Plus my ND daughter-in-law and the three grandkids are here.  Love it!  

There was no dieting this week, but being in constant motion cancels out all that bad food I ate! Another one of my diet theories.

Have a fun weekend!

Adley is almost 3 months old!
Adley is almost 3 months old!

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