Creature Comforts

I’m a sucker for dogs and cats and small children.  Since Terry and I have agreed we will have no more of any of the above, I dote on all that I come across whenever possible.

Here’s Lexie when she was a puppy…

How cute is this little furball?

Lexie really liked Maggie’s favorite fluffly blanket so I told her that I would make her one.  And she said, “pink, please”.

When I knew I was going to Texas to visit Lexie, I decided I better get that blanket made.  Otherwise she would probably bite me.  With her little tiny teeth.  But I couldn’t find faux fur in pink. 

So I picked it up in white.

White Faux fur

 and thought I had enough pink Minky at home to line it with and it might make Lexie happy.  With a bit of piecing, I had a nice cushy pink dog blanket.   

 Minky and faux fur

 A Blanket for Lexie

 And I probably should have kept it for my granddaughters.  Seriously, it was that nice.  And easy peasy.  I just cut the minky to fit and sewed everything wrong sides together with 1/4″ seams–leaving a small opening to turn it.  Turned right side out, then stitched the opening.

But it went to Lexie who jumped up and pulled it out of my hand when I walked in the door!  Really, she did!

A Blanket for Lexie
I really wanted pink!
A Blanket for Lexie
But, okay, I’ll keep it!

Lexie even sent me this “thank you” picture this week.

Lexie's thank you pic

And then there’s Mattie the Cattie who used to live in DC then moved to Wilmington, Delaware, and then to Manhattan and then to Brooklyn and back to DC.  Big City Kitty.  She’s a special cat and she loved to sleep on the cable box but during the last move, no cable box.  No warm nap time.  So I also promised her a new blanket.  Or a cover for a cushion.  

See what Mattie has to sleep in! Poor poor Mattie!

Pulled out the rest of the faux fur and minky from my stash.  And Mattie now has a blanket. I left one end open in case she might want to hide inside or her people might want to put a cushion in it.  Mattie's Blanket

Mattie wasn’t quite as excited about her new blankey as Lexie was.  After all, it was 96 degrees in DC that day!

Mattie the CattieMattie the Cattie

Mattie the Cattie
She looks a little bit pleased here.

And regarding those small children that I dote on.  Gotta get to work on the “Elsa” dresses, I’ve got three adorable granddaughters that are big fans of “Frozen”. 

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