Damn Squirrel!


It’s a constant battle against the squirrels here.

It's Spring!

Maggie used to keep them under control but now she just sleeps all day.  She’s 18.  No more squirrel chasing for her!

In the Garden
Here’s Maggie, protecting the gardens from the squirrels 5 years ago.

Once upon a time I had a vegetable garden.

Damn Squirrel

Squirrel with orange

In the “squirrel-proof” bird feeders.

Damn Squirrel.

damn squirrel

Damn Squirrel

Dam Squirrel

Chewing the twinkly lights we have on the trees.




On the hummingbird feeders.

Damn Squirrel

Squirrel on feeder

Playing a wee banjo.


I didn’t get enough snaps of the most recent incursion.  This guy was sitting on the downspout and then jumped up into a hole he had chewed in the eaves.  Fortunately there was no attic in this part of the house and Terry was able to get him and his girlfriend out before they started a little family.


Terry went to Ace and got some cage wire that the guy recommended and covered the screen with that.

But this is a very determined squirrel and promptly got back to work.  He not only chewed through the cage wire but also chewed through the wood.  Terry put up a metal plate.  So the squirrel moved onto another spot that was directly into the attic and chewed right through the wall!


We even missed the Gasparilla Pirate invasion on Saturday thanks to this little fat rodent.

There is now a rat trap in the attic and another metal plate covering that hole.  BB gun is ready!

Your move squirrel….your move!

4 thoughts on “Damn Squirrel!

  1. Our exterminator nailed the rat traps down to catch squirrels. Ours were flying ones but hard to trap.
    Good luck. Hate those rats with tails!

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