Damn Squirrels

We have a plethora of squirrels.  And they are very demanding.

It's Spring!
This squirrel came down to ask me when I would be planting tomatos.

I gave up on my little vegetable garden this year.  Partly because it wasn’t getting enough sun.  And whatever did make it, these little rodents managed to destroy.

Damn SquirrelSquirrel with orangeLast year they figured out how to get into our “squirrel-proof” bird feeders.

Damn Squirrel Dam Squirrel

We put these really big PVC pipes up and sprayed painted them with gloss paint. This was at the suggestion of a neighbor.  The theory was that they couldn’t a toe hold because the paint was too shiny and the pole too wide.  (Doesn’t work against raccoons, though) This actually worked for several years.  But last year two super damn squirrels somehow climbed them and ruined the paint job in the process.  We finally foiled them by spraying WD-40 on the poles!  Terry read about this somewhere.  The squirrels also chew the twinkle lights off of the wires and the WD-40 takes care of that, too.  

And then there are the hummingbird feeders…

Squirrel on feeder

Damn Squirrel

The WD-40 trick didn’t work with those.

But this year Terry fixed their little bushy-tailed butts.

Simple garden twine wrapped around a limb. That part I circled is where a damn squirrel is sitting, crying, trying to figure out how to get to the feeder. We just raise a lower the feeder when we need to fill it.


It worked!

Damn Squirrel
Damn Squirrel


3 thoughts on “Damn Squirrels

  1. I used a Slinky on the pole and it works so far. But I left a bag of soil out that they spread for me! I am thinking of a paint ball gun so they would be color coded!

    • Terry, I never even thought of a slinky. And the paint ball idea! We are always trying to figure out which squirrel is which! You are BRILLIANT!

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