Davis Island

 Jose Gasparilla Pirate Ship

So are you wondering why I have a photo of the Jose Gasparilla Ship up today when the Tampa annual Pirate fest took place over a month ago? 

Well, we went to the airport this weekend. Okay maybe three times this weekend. 

And stopped at Kathryn and Darin’s place on Davis Island.


Kathryn bought a town house and they’ve been fixing it up.  We needed to check on the progress and see what Kathryn has been doing with all of her flea market treasures!



Oh look, it’s Jes.

 So then we had to drive around so I could look at the dogs playing in the water.

Dog BeachAnd our New Yorkers could catch some rays

Jes and AndrewAnd I could get even more pictures

Tampa, what a beautiful view on a beautiful day!


Beautiful Houses
Terry said he would move into any of those houses

 Then we started hearing these booms, Construction?  On a Saturday?

Jose Gasparilla
No it was the Jose Gasparilla!

Jose Gasparilla Pirate Ship

Complete with Pirates shooting off the cannon!

Jose Gasparilla Pirate Ship


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