Diets and other meanderings…

I’ve never been a thin person.  But I’ve never been a fat one, either.  Just kinda in the middle and always attempting to lose five pounds.  (If I could just lose those five pounds I’m sure that I could solve all of the world’s problems and get back into that little black dress.)

And I also say NO CARROTS AT CHRISTMAS!  You will not see me eating salads at the party buffet.  I’m going for the chocolate encrusted anything along with a big helping of Tostitos and guacamole, thank you very much.

But then it’s the new year and time to lose the extra five pounds that I gave myself for Christmas.

Fortunately for me I actually do like carrots and most other vegetables. I really don’t like meat.  (In the interest of full disclosure, even though I’ve been involved in the whole chicken wing judging quest, I’m the one rating the restaurants on fries, poppers, service and atmosphere)   And I do not keep chips or chocolate anything in my house.  If they are here, I just eat the entire bag or container.  My theory is, might as well eat them now cause I’m just going to finish them up later!  And how many calories can my body actually absorb?

Plus I like to exercise.  Walking, bicycling, yoga, weight lifting and the occasional jog around the block.  So it shouldn’t be too difficult to lose at least five pounds, right?  I just gotta get back into the routine.  Because the only routine I’ve had for the last few months is cooking, baking and then eating.  (Some more disclosure, even though I refer to myself as a bad cook, I’m actually pretty good.  Certainly not as creative as Michelle but no one has ever turned down an invitation to a dinner or party at Perfect!)

So where am I going with all of this rambling….  The routine.  Gotta get back into it.  Gotta throw out all those cookies and chips.  Back to a healthy life style.

Starting today, I’m back at it!    I’ll let you know next Friday how successful I’ve been!

Let's Go
Let’s go for a run!

3 thoughts on “Diets and other meanderings…

  1. No running for us in the Northeast. So cold Friday night -10.5 that Chance laid down in the snow to warm his paws. He is good in the cold, but at that temperature, his paws take the brunt of the weather. Hasn’t been this cold in a couple of winters, but usually he just raises a paw for a few seconds. He wasn’t out long just a trip to the side yard and back to the house, but it was brutal.

    • Poor Chance. It was 45 here this morning and Maggie was loving it! Supposed to get colder in a few days so I’ve been getting my plants ready to move into the shed!

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