Dining Local — Coyote Cafe

Dining Local — Coyote Cafe

Dining Local -- Coyote Cafe

Last month when Terry was working me to death on the Seafood Festival…….

Just kidding, Terry was the worker, along with a lot of other friends and neighbors.

I did the website.  The FB posts. Some whining. 

That’s my job!

But there was a morning that I went down to help him get things organized at the Civic Club office. I was probably gathering raffle tickets to distribute.  And about noon I was starving and I said that he had to take me someplace to eat and it had to be close.  Cause I was hungry and next step was hangry.  Don’t want to go there.

So we went to the very closest place, one we had never been to before, Coyote Café.

Wow!  Such a great lunch.  Still can’t figure out why we hadn’t stopped in before that.  I had the special and Terry had a ham and cheese sandwich.  (That’s the typical Terry lunch)

And we’ve been back two more times, together.  Terry did sneak out while he was doing manual labor during the festival setup and have lunch there with a friend. 

We stopped by yesterday so I could get pics and feature the café.

I ordered the special, which is what I usually do. 

Dining Local -- Coyote Cafe

Terry and I shared the soup.  He took the last bit of bacon and said that he was saving me from eating it. (cause I’m on a perpetual diet)

Cauliflower, cheddar cheese and bacon soup It was so good.  Looking at that photo makes me want to go back and get more.

Here’s the Lobster Roll with potato salad. 

Lobster Roll with potato salad, Dining Local -- Coyote Cafeand Terry’s Ham and Cheese with potato salad.

Ham and cheese with potato salad. Dining Local -- Coyote CafeThe portions are very generous.  I should have taken a snap of how much ham is on that sandwich.  Terry was very happy.

The décor is a Southwestern motif.  Little unusual for Old Homosassa but nice.

Dining Local -- Coyote Cafe

Dining Local -- Coyote CafeDining Local -- Coyote Cafe

Chef Robert Anderson, Proprietor, Dining Local -- Coyote CafeChef Robert Anderson, Proprietor

I’ve said many times in past posts, I’m not a reporter, just an observer.  If I was a reporter, I would have asked for everyone’s names. First and Last. But, I think this is Stephanie and Dana.  Ladies, if I’m wrong, comment or email me and I will fix it!  One or the other always serves us and they are very pleasant and efficient.  Soup and drinks are served as soon as we ask for them.  Can’t get quicker than that!

Dining Local -- Coyote CafeStephanie, Robert Anderson, Dana

I would highly recommend you stop by Coyote Café.  Have lunch and sit awhile and chat.  That’s the kind of place that Coyote Café is! 

Open on Wednesday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm.  No credit cards but there is an ATM machine right by the register. The café is in the back of River Safari’s on Yulee Drive.  Can’t miss their sign in the front.  There’s parking in the back of the building.


Dining Local -- Coyote Cafe







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