DIY Adorable Pillow Case

 Is this cute or what?  That little teddy sitting on those adorable pillow cases. 

DIY Adorable Pillow Case

I’ve had this idea pinned for quite some time.  Besides loving that fabric, I like that the cuff of the pillow case wraps the pillow.  Looks so “custom”. 

I wanted to make the pillow case to fit 12″ x 16″ pillow forms.  I’ve made three “name” pillows for Riley, Piper and Jack and still need to make some for Addison, Kendall, Courtney, Justin and Adley.  (Whoops, looks like I need to get another pillow form.) I thought this version might be a fun idea.

Pillow forms

The instructions are fairly simple from but I couldn’t get my head wrapped around changing the size from a full-size bed pillow to the 12″ x 16″ size.  I can usually draw and figure out the dimensions but after spending way too long trying to calculate the exact measurements, I decided to just make the full-size pillow so I could understand the directions from A Spoonful of Sugar.  

I had this fabric:

Pillow fabric
The mermaids and polka dot fabrics are from Timeless Treasures. The white fabric is Kaufman Essex linen blend.

This was a really quick project.  I had already cut the fabric out on Tuesday and when I got home after volunteering at the animal shelter, it took me about 1/2 hour to sew it all together.  Seriously.  It took longer to take the pictures!  And a whole lot more time to put all of these words here.

pillow caseSo here’s the finished full-size pillow:

DIY Adorable Pillow Case, Timeless treasures fabric, Kaufman Essex linen fabricI need to make at least one more.  Maybe two.  I have three granddaughters that are just at the right age to LOVE mermaids.  And if they have a slumber party at my place they will all want their own mermaid pillow!

DIY Adorable Pillow Case, Timeless treasures fabric, Kaufman Essex linen fabric

DIY Adorable Pillow Case, Timeless treasures fabric, Kaufman Essex linen fabric
Here’s the pillow cuff that covers the pillow form.

I followed the instructions from A Spoonful of Sugar  It’s quite easy.  The only question I had was about the seam allowance.  The tutorial doesn’t mention what it should be so I went with 1/2″.  Seams are supposed to be finished with an overlock stitch on a serger but I don’t have one of those so just zig-zagged all the raw edges.  I hate unfinished seams so I plan to try to make the next version with something like a french seam.

And the ultimate goal is to get the pattern re-sized for the smaller version and put some names on them.  So much to do, so little time!

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