DIY Burlap Corkboard

This week is Renninger’s Antique and Collector’s Extravaganza in Mount Dora!  So excited.  Michelle and I usually go to one of the three events held each year.  This is the last one until November so we gotta go.  We’re taking along new-bee Kathryn and we’re expecting great things from her.  She loves to thrift and is a DIYer wanna be.  Especially since she just bought a townhouse and is moving from a wee apartment.  She’ll be furnishing the new place on a tight budget.

Last week I received the latest Ballard Design Catalog.  I love this shop and have purchased several pieces of furniture from them, but that was before I started following DIY blogs, hitting thrift stores and finding the fun in creating it myself.

For example:

This chalkboard at Ballard’s is on sale for $199 plus shipping.  The size is 28 1/2″ x 40″.

DIY Burlap Corkboard

This is my post where I made a similar chalkboard .  I used a thrift store frame plus purchased galvanized metal from the plumbing department and chalkboard paint at Home Depot.  Don’t remember the exact prices for everything but it was much less that $20 and no shipping!

Here’s what it looks like today:

DIY Burlap Corkboard
Got the chalkboard art idea from Pinterest, the original blogger was Little Lucy Lu .  Of course, the lyrics are from the Beatles!

And this media corkboard at Ballard’s for $149 plus $15 for oversized shipping is 44″ x 32″.

DIY Burlap Corkboard

This one is covered with burlap.  20″ x 33″ and $89.

DIY Burlap Corkboard

And this is the one I made that I use for an inspiration board:

DIY Burlap Corkboard

It’s 30″ x 40″.  I bought the frame from a little shop in Crystal River in Heritage Village that no longer exisits.  Bummer.  It was $20 but I thought that was a good price.  I cut two foam core boards to fit and taped them together with packaging tape.  Bought a roll of cork at Lowe’s, glued that onto the foam core.  Went to Jo-anne’s for the burlap.  They actually let me look through the yardage to find a piece that wasn’t blemished!  I wrapped the burlap over the cork and stapled the edges on the back.  Fit it into the frame and Terry secured with little nails.  Love it!

I also made these cute little pins:

DIY Burlap Corkboard
1. This is one of a pair of buttons that I bought on clearance at Jo-ann’s.
2. Originally a Christmas garland that I bought on clearance at Pottery Barn. but it was too heavy for what I intended I so cut it into small segments with my wire cutters.
3. I picked up these puppy pins at Target. Adorable!
4. Little hot glue on a regular thumbtack and total uniqueness!

And the lesson here is, get inspiration at Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, or any other decor store but buy at thrift stores and out of clearance bins.  More fun and easy on the budget!


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