My new DIY blog will be up NEXT WEEK!! 

Can you hear the trumpet fanfare???

This little web design challenge shouldn’t have taken so long but…

I had the new blog all ready and up and beautiful and then decided that it wouldn’t work. Beautiful yes.  Useable no.

So, back to the drawing board.  Or computer keyboard.  And it’s a month later.  Maybe this one will work.  And I’ll be happy.  And there will be peace in the world.  

Or maybe not.

But next Thursday, I’ll post the new website.  I’ll also put up the new DIY for the week on this website.  Because I don’t want to lose all my Pinterest peeps who have been faithfully following for years and years.  Just kidding.  But I do get a lot of web traffic from Pinterest.  

On the new website I plan to put a new project every Thursday. Sewing, quilting, mosaics, gardening, photography, or anything else I might be working on will be covered.  I’ll also be featuring one of my older DIYs at least one other day of the week.  Re-worked, re-designed, and re-cycled!

When Michelle is ready to do some DIY, she’ll own Wednesday.

One more week!  


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