DIY Expedit Box

So does everyone love Expedit shelves from Ikea?  If you don’t know what they are, just do a search on Expedit on Pinterest.  There are so many good ways to use these shelves.  Terry has an Expedit shelf and desk, I have two in my laundry room, and two in the second guestroom–aka grandkids’ room.  And that’s what this post is about.  Making boxes for the lovely Expedit.

Here’s the expedit in the guestroom.

DIY Expedit Box
This is an expedit shelf. I painted the wall behind it a coordinating color.  And I’m eventually going to tell you how to make the boxes that are in the first two cubbies.

But while I’m in the guestroom, I thought I’d give you a little tour…

DIY Expedit Box
Here’s the daybed that turns into a king size bed when the trundle is raised and secured with enough bungee cords and a king-size mattress pad, sheets, etc., But no guarantee it still won’t roll apart. If you are lucky enough to stay in the twin size beds, one has mermaid sheets and the other has Dora.


DIY Expedit Box
Here’s a bear….
DIY Expedit Box
And two more bears!
DIY Expedit Box
And two scary dolls, one of my sewing failures. Both Piper and Andrew are afraid of these dolls.

So back to the Expedit Boxes.  I had a wee bit too much fabric left after sewing the pillows and bed skirt.  So made a bear.  Then a tote.  Then an iPad cover.  Still had some left.  Time to make storage containers.  And that is the end of that fabric!

Now, all you that don’t sew can go check out another blog, because here are the instructions!

First, I used Pellon Peltex 71F.  It’s “single-sided fusible ultra firm stabilizer”.  And it’s expensive.  $8.99/ yard and I needed two yards per box because it’s only 22″ wide.  What is this stuff made of?  I used a 50% off coupon plus another coupon that took 10% off my entire purchase.  I probably wouldn’t have bought it except I wanted to try something new.  Plus I already had the fabric and the muslin that I lined it with.  Using the stabilizer also made the project difficult because it was just so stiff.

DIY Expedit Box
This is the box from Ikea that I was copying.

The finished box is 13” high and 12” wide on front and back, the sides are 13” high and 13” wide.

DIY Expedit Box
Premier Prints Fabric that I ordered from

Cut from fabric

3          13″ x 14″

2          14″ x 14″

1          10” x 3” for handle

Cut from lining (muslin)

3          13″ x 14″

2          14″ x 14″

Cut from Pellon Peltex 71F Single-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer

3          12″ x 13″

2          13″ x 13″

Center Peltex on wrong sides of side and bottom pieces and attach per instructions that come with the Peltex.  There should be ½” open on each side.

All seams are 1/2″

 Create Handle 

Fold wrong long sides together, press, stitch ¼” from edege on 2 sides—leaving one narrow end open.  Turn right sides out.  Tuck in raw edges of open end.  Topstitch close to all edges 

Pin handles 2” from top, 2” from each side.  Attach each end by sewing a one inch square then end with an X to make handle secure.

DIY Expedit Box
DIY Expedit Box
Handle detail

Attach sides to bottom, leaving seam allowance (1/2”) open on all ends.

It will now look like a giant plus sign.

DIY Expedit Box
Looks like a big plus sign when all the bottom edges are sewn together.

Fold the plus sign, and sew two sides…

DIY Expedit Box
This is a little confusing…fold the plus sign in half and sew the two bottom sides.

Open up and sew other two sides.  Turn right side out.

DIY Expedit Box
It’s a box!

Now sew the lining together using the same method.

Put the lining inside of the box, wrong sides together.  Stitch together along top, ½” seam. Trim close to top seam.  Attach matching bias tape along top.  Stitch down. 

DIY Expedit Box
Pin on the bias tape. And sew!


DIY Expedit Box
Just like the Ikea box–but it matches the bedroom!

I have recently created a BETTER and less expensive way to create Ikea boxes.  Check it out:  DIY Expedit Box–Part II.

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  1. I love it! And not a stapler in sight. You’re gonna make me learn to sew, ugh! 🙂 I love those shelves and have two of them, no wait, I have three. I think I’ll have to convince myself that a sewing machine is just another power tool and go for it. These look awesome!

    • Yeah, I really like them. Not so happy with the price of the peltex though. Going to make some more for my laundry room but try a different method.

  2. I like these too~ but not sure if I could make them…. if only I had a mother-in-law coming a few weeks to teach me!

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