DIY Gators

Here in Homosassa we love our gators. UF Gators, deep fried gator, even gators in captivity.  If you ask the Florida grandkids what a gator says, they’ll yell.  “Go Gators!”

(I really don’t like seeing them in my canal, though, since Maggie would be a wee snack.)

DIY Gator, Alligator at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park
Alligator at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.  Safely confined.

When we had our welcome hour during Jes and Andrew’s wedding festivities, I thought we needed a few gators on the buffet table.  I was inspired by those DIYers that have transformed little plastic toy animals into shiny gold trophies and  clever book ends.


We were looking for gifts for small children at the wedding–that also had to be cheap so we went to Michaels.  Found all these fun wooden animals for about a buck each.  The alligators were a little larger so were about $2 but I had coupons.  (Does anyone go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby without coupons?)

We left the smaller creatures unpainted because we were concerned about our wee wedding guests chewing on them and eating paint.  We’d much rather them getting sick from eating vast quantities of wedding cake.

But I wanted my alligators to be shiny and bright so they had to get some spray paint.  Which I just happened to have in my garage.

DIY Gators
Naked gators
DIY Gators
Here I am in my spray booth.
DIY Gators
Shiny gators

After the wedding festivities, my glimmering gators retired to my dining room.

DIY Gators

DIY Gators
Gators brighten up the summer décor.
DIY Gators
Too cute!

Cheap, Easy, Fun!  My kind of DIY!

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