DIY Tea Towels with Moda Fabrics — 4 Comments

    • It is easy! As long as you have all the right “tools” set up and ready to go. I’m fortunate to have my own little sewing corner that I never have to take down.

  1. Absolutely adorables!
    What kind of fabric are you using for the towel?
    It looks very thin.
    I think kitchen towels are a perfect gift because we use them always.
    I live across the border with Laredo, Tx
    Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Hi Martha, thanks for your question. The fabric for the tea towel is Kaufman Essex Wide Linen that I bought from The border and applique fabric is quilting cotton from Moda. I really like using the toweling fabric from Moda now. It’s finished on two sides. So much easier! Then I can just put on the borders and appliques. Quick and easy!

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