Dogs in the Hood

I REALLY wanted to put up a new “Dogs in the Hood” today.  I haven’t posted one in forever.  The problem is, I’ve lost my models.  For some reason they all hate the papparazzi!

Like Toby who loves me to rub his cute big head but takes off as soon as he sees my camera….

Dogs in the Hood
Yes, I need to pee right here…

And Ruby won’t even look at me anymore….

Dogs in the Hood
Tell me when she’s gone, I hear she’s been posting my pics on a single dog website. So ashamed…

And Mingo toppled someone so he doesn’t even come to coffee club meetings anymore.

So I should probably be stalking new dogs but it’s so much easier just to turn to the web, (at least until it’s warmer and I can ride my bike and find new victims models)

And you think I dress Maggie up funny….

Dogs in the Hood or

And how about this cutie patootie….

Dogs in the Hood

Okay, this obviously isn’t my hood but we have enough pit bulls around here and I have some sunglasses, I think we could recreate this….

dogs in the hood
Couldn’t find anyone to credit this to so I just stole it off of Pinterest!

But the best pic of all….

Dogs in the Hood
Maggie in the Blue Bonnets

Happy Easter!



2 thoughts on “Dogs in the Hood

  1. Good morning and Happy Easter! We are starting the day off at 33 degrees, no spring today. I am giving my birds your address for our next winter where they will be well taken care of. Time to get a pair of secret agent camera glasses so you can get pics of your dog buddies again. They won’t even know.

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