Eat to Live

Here I am in Perfect with my little dog and my home-office husband, totally fat and happy. And that’s the problem—fat! Terry is here losing weight by eating like me and doing a little walking every day, poor Maggie has turned into chunky monkey, and I’m up 5 pounds. Not fair!

So it’s time to get serious about my size for a wee bit. Yeah, it’s only 5 pounds today but how about 8 next week and by the big wedding event in October (the al-la-palooza) I’ll be plus size! Can’t happen. I used to get away with vast food consumption by running many miles. But my knees don’t seem to want to cooperate any more. Not blaming it on running, as with everything else, I’m going to blame it on my parents. I got a big bum from my mom and bad knees from my dad. (Sorry Jes, Alan and Piper for the big bum and bad knees in advance.)

Just cutting back doesn’t work for me. I have to go on a DIET. One that restricts me from a list of evil food. Tried Weight Watchers many years ago. Even though I don’t like fast food or meat, I could eat anything and would just get a Whopper because I could. I also read in one of my many magazines that keeping a food journal helps in a diet. And what is that supposed to do for me other than hand cramps from journaling and me marveling at how much I actually consume?

Last year I discovered the 17-Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. Lots of yogurt, vegetables and all the lean protein I could eat. A big list of evil food that I must not touch for 17 days. And I bought the book. I spent money on it so I had to follow through. And I actually did lose 10 pounds. But it really is an awful diet for me because I don’t like meat!

So the other day while I was watching something educational (probably the Today Show with Hoda and Kathy), I saw a commercial for The Dr. Oz Show touting a 7-day crash diet that he approved. I missed the advertised Dr. Oz session but did check it out on his website. It’s basically a vegan diet designed by Dr. Fuhrman. Vegan made me shudder since I eat a lot of yogurt and eggs, but I did buy the ebook Eat to Live and now that I have spent the money, I have to try the diet. I figured I could stick to anything for 7 days.

So, starting today, I’m going vegan. For 7 days. Maggie’s on a diet, too. (She’s in the wedding and also has to watch her figure) I’ll let you know how we do next week!

Chunky Monkey has a big bum, too.


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