Everything’s Fine, Really!

I’m over the whole dieting thing.  Haven’t lost an ounce. My problem is the portion control part. Yeah, I’m eating whole foods–lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Working out every day.  We are actually cooking most meals at home.  But the other night I made chicken and rice  that served six and Terry and I ate the whole thing. Yeah, portion control. I’m thinking I need to go to a spa for a week where they serve me healthy food and won’t let me have an extra morsel.  Canyon Ranch here I come.

So besides loosing 50 pounds and running a marathon in every state, getting organized seems to be a big New Years resolution for a lot of people.  I’m organized.  Yes, I can tell you what piece of fabric and pillow form is in each of the 3 trunks and 8 baskets in our house.  And, although I have a weird filing system, I can tell Terry exactly where the instruction manual for the remote for the TV in the screen room lives.  And, if you would just ask, I could tell you what is on each shelf in every closet in our house.  From batteries to framed art.  I know where it is.

But we do have a slight closet issue.  Not so much reorganizing, more like they need gutted and rebuilt.  Over the past few years, Terry and I have been doing just that.  They all had those flimsy wire shelves and rods in them.  You put too many coats on those rods and down it goes with all the coats onto the floor.  Yeah, the hall coat closet was the first to get rebuilt.  Now it has a nice wooden shelf and a wooden rod on sturdy brackets. (You wouldn’t think Floridians would need that many coats but we’ve got em!)

Then one day we were walking out the door to meet friends when we heard a huge crash.  I ran outside and looked for the payload that the shuttle dropped, but no, nothing.  So we went on our merry way.  When we returned about midnight we discovered one of those damn wire shelves in the master bedroom closet had pulled out of the wall and collapsed.  Bringing just about every other rod and shelf down with it.  Holy catastrophe.  Next closet that was redone.

This week we rebuilt the laundry room closet. Since Terry retired this year he no longer uses the upstairs office so I wanted to move his printer in there. I did the painting and Terry did the building.  When I put stuff back in Terry asked “where is everything?”  It’s all in there–plus more!  Amazing what new deeper, sturdier shelves can do!

Laundry room closet
I’m not getting any thinner but my closets are lookin’ good!


One more closet and a kitchen pantry to go!  Then on to my next resolution.

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  1. Don’t worry about that whole ‘thinner’ thing..that gray sweater proves it!! Anyway, I’m soooo with you on the closet thing. That’s one of my resolutions too. This house has lousy storage. I mean, we have makeshift drawers and boxes on boxes in the master walk-in. ugh! And yes, all those wire rack shelves. I at least got some ‘before’ photos…and you can blog the afters. I can’t wait to get started.

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