Feeling much better, thank you….

Happy Friday!

It’s Maggie’s Birthday!

Maggie's Birthday
I’m 15–I can get my learner’s permit!

 No Maggie, you can’t reach the pedals and you have no thumbs.  You can’t drive.

I sent one of the Christmas Ornament pillows to my ND family and received these pics back.

Adley the Queen, looking adorable!
It looks like Princess Piper is enjoying the cookies I sent a bit more than the pillow.

Incidentally, my son said that when he does a google search for my website and clicks on images, his kids’ pictures pop up.  Is that a problem? I asked.  He wasn’t sure.

I’m just making them famous. 

And here’s Jes and Andrew at Zoolights.  I somehow forgot to post this.  Never too late!

Jes and Andrew
Jes and Andrew, Spreading the fame around.

Our own local version of zoolights start on December 19th at the Homosassa Wildlife Park. It’s really amazing.  If you haven’t been, you need to go!  It’s supposed to be even bigger and better this year.

Have a fun weekend!


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