“Fit for Life” Finale

I lost those pesky five pounds.  Took three weeks and I’ve already admitted that I couldn’t stick to the “Fit for Life” diet plan.  But I did pull some of the suggestions into my daily life and am going to try to continue using them. (No promises, though)

One tablespoon of ground flaxseed every day.  Something Dr. Fuhrman, the author of this diet, doesn’t mention is that ground flaxseed goes bad.  Even in the refrigerator.  I buy whole flaxseed and grind a little in the blender once a week and store it in the fridge for use in smoothies.  Maggie gets a little in her dog food, too.

Dates are actually good and a natural sweetener.  I have always hated dates but that’s because I’ve associated them with fruit cake and other cookies with those yucky candied fruits in them.  Dates are naturally sweet and “Fit to Life” used them to sweeten smoothies.  Now I can tolerate dates–at least until the package I bought is gone.

I can actually eat less cheese and be happy.  And if I eat beans in my salad for lunch, I won’t be hungry until dinner.  I can survive without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

While I lost the weight, there’s not much of a chance for Maggie.  Between ear infections and being itchy, Maggie is on prednisone, a steroid which turns her into an eating machine.  Poor little thing.  I’ve limited her snacks and dry dog food and she gets plenty of exercise but she’s still chunky monkey.  Gotta love her the way she is!

Who’s a chunky monkey?



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