Friday Funday!

Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade
Old Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade 2013

I said I was better last week and I had a relapse.  I think I’m totally better now.  But I’m not real confident.

While I was recuperating, I missed a meeting of the “Old Homosassa Save the Water Tower” group.  And now I’m the historian.  

And what does a historian do? 

Not much happening in Old Homosassa this weekend other than all the regular events at all of our wonderful art galleries, restaurants and bars.  But next Saturday night, the 20th at 5:30 is the Christmas Boat Parade!   And the Holiday Lights at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park start on the 19th.  Both fun events that we never miss! 

I’m headed for Christmas shopping today because I’m not giving any handmade gifts this year.  Sorry to all my friends and relatives that are expecting ANOTHER tote, bag, dishtowel or other non-essential item.  Everything is store-bought.  It’s your lucky year! 

Have a great weekend! 


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