Friday Meaderings

Friday Meaderings

I’ve been hither and thither and yon over the past three weeks.

Off to Minneapolis to pick up our sweet granddaughter Piper.  


Then two weeks of kid entertainment.  SO MUCH FUN!

And then back to the airport to return Piper to Mandan, North Dakota.  

Because her parents wanted her back. Sheesh.  

Seasoned Traveler

I got to spend a couple of days in the lovely cool mornings and evenings of ND and enjoying the company of grandkids Riley, Piper and Adley.  Such cool kids.

Piper and Adley
Adley and Piper chillin’ on the hammock.
And Riley actually let me take his pic. With Adley’s shark.

Then back to Tampa and Homosassa and a meeting.  It was an important one or I would have said “tooooo tired”.

But there I was.  

With about 100 hundred other concerned Homosassa residents.

Coast Guard Meeting

The Coast Guard was there.  Giving a presentation.  Yeah it was all PowerPoint.

Here’s some very concerned Coast Guard guys.

coastguard2 coastguard1 coastguard3

And some county guys.

County officials
Commissioner Ron Kitchen with Jeff Rodgers

And a rep from FWC.


Oh yeah, if you live in Homosassa or use the River, you need to complete this survey.  By the end of June.  It’s very IMPORTANT to get your views counted.


The audience was invited to participate and the Coast Guard went from table to table and recorded the questions, comments, and statements.

Rodney MacRae
Here’s Rodney MacRae giving his viewpoint.

Mostly we need better signage on the Homosassa River and all of those boaters just needs to SLOW DOWN!

So after arriving on the airplane and attending the really important meeting, you would think that I would get a break.  Right?


I am running for Seat One for the Homosassa Special Water District.  

I know, crazy, right?  Aren’t I busy enough?  Aren’t I retired and shouldn’t I just be enjoying my old age?


I had to go to the elections office and sign up and then attend a meeting of the Homosassa Special Water District and introduce myself.

So tired.

What’s going on this weekend?

Hey, it’s FATHER’S DAY.  Go spend the weekend with your dad! Or someone’s dad.

Next weekend it’s the Homosassa Fireworks Festival.  The Old Homosassa Heritage Council will have a booth at MacRae’s.  We’ll have our new 2016 T-Shirt.  The design is very cool and created by our own very important member and graphic designer, Laurel Williford.  And we have coozies, too!  And, of course, golf cart raffle tickets.

Following that fun, the Mullet Toss is on July 9th at the Old Mill Tavern.  The proceeds go to support the Homosassa Elementary School.  This will be the BEST YEAR EVER!  

And on July 11th, we will have the rescheduled “Meet and Greet” with Senators Charlie Dean and Wilton Simpson. Come on out and meet your senators.  We’ll have wine, beer, and appetizers too!  Fun!

And if we have another tropical storm or hurricane on July 11th, I will accept that a higher power thinks that a “meet and greet” is just not necessary.  

I think that’s it!

Have a Great Weekend!


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