Friday Meanderings


It’s Friday.

My favorite day of the week.  

I’m sure it’s ingrained from all those years of working those jobs where Friday meant HAPPY HOUR! (or sometimes happy lunch that just continued into the happy evening)

Let’s talk about how great the weather has been!  This is the weather that makes our northern visitors move here.  Or just stay all year round.

Fortunately that’s balanced with the heat and humidity and hurricanes of the summer.  I’m calling them the 3H. Which scares the rest of the visitors away. I’ll take the 3H over the snow that the northeast has experienced this year.  

Speaking of hurricanes.  We have sirens here in Citrus County.  They were originally put in to alert us about possible nuclear disasters.  Yes, here on the NATURE COAST we had a nuclear power plant.  But it’s being brought DOWN.  Oh, wait, the official term is decommissioned.  

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office sent out an announcement on Facebook that they are no longer using the sirens and are removing them.  What? I’m pretty sure those were also used when we had possible hurricanes.  (And there’s also a fire engine that goes around and announces really loud that YOU NEED TO EVACUATE)

and how will I know that it’s noon on Friday without our official alert announcement?

Heavy sigh. 

Crystal River Power Plant

Here’s some flowers and a bee….

Bush Daisy and a bee
Just a reminder that it’s the perfect time to stick some flowers in the ground.  I planted these a couple years ago.  Never liked bush daisies but I needed some color in a new piece of landscaping.  We were having a lot of guests (someone got married in our back yard). And these crazy daisies have been beautiful.  I had to cut them all the way to the ground last year when they were looking scraggly.  But they are back and beautiful.  

Thank you bush daisies.  You make it through 27 degree weather.  

Unlike my plumerias.  Almost all passed away after that one night of non-tropical weather. But I have one sturdy one that perservers.

Oh, I’m really meandering this week.

So let’s get to business.

What’s going on this weekend?

A lot.  

Brooksville is having their Blueberry Festival.  Inverness is having a taste of Inverness. Crystal River is having a beer and wine tasting hosted by Burke’s of Ireland.  

But all of those cost money.  

Our plans are to stop in Crystal River for Market Day with Arts and Treasures at Heritage Village.  We have a friend that’s performing at the gazebo. 


I think Paula starts playing at 11 am.

And I can do some shopping on Citrus Avenue. And support our local merchants.  (Guess I gotta buy something to do that!)


Have a GREAT weekend!


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