Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

I went out to take a snap with my iPad Pro.  It’s relatively new.  The photos are amazing.  I think I might have to put my 35mm DSLR camera away since this little flat screen takes higher pixeles.

But I digress.

Thought I’d get a shot of the golden sunset.

And got photobombed!


By a damn squirrel.

They are always around, chattering away at me, but even more so in the spring.


SO MANY SQUIRRELS!  All asking me when I’m going to plant my vegetable garden.  Or as the rats with fluffy tails call it–“snack time”.

Although this shot is a little pixelated. I like it! Crazy cartoonish squirrel!

No vegetables this year, squirrels.  You’ll have to just keep chewing on the coleus!

Today is a big weekend for Terry and I and the whole entire Old Homosassa community.


Yard sale is supposed to start at 9 am on Saturday in the Civic Center.  But, despite me being someone that is a rule follower so I was totally against it, rumour has it that at least two rebels will be opening up the shop at 7 AM!  All you early birds out there–be there!

And there is a lot of GOOD stuff!

If you want any free books–and I’m talking really good books and a lot of them for all ages–stop by the Learning Center between 9 am and 10:30 am on Saturday.  We are starting an honor library.  Take a book, leave a book, return or not.  There’s also two computers in the library for the community to use.  We follow the school schedule and are open from Monday to Wednesday from 3 pm to 5:30 pm to adults and children.

Which means we WON’T be open next week because Spring Break is next week.  The Learning Center Staff is all off to Daytona Beach for the week to get some rays in our bikinis.


Next Saturday, the 18th, is the Shrimpapalooza. SO MUCH FUN! Food, music, food, music.  And it all starts with a parade through Old Homosassa!  Yeah, Terry and I will be there.  We are in the parade on our golf cart representing the Homosassa Civic Club and then working in the booth for the Old HOmosassa Heritage Council.

And so exciting what the OHHC has to offer this year.  Raffle tickets for

  1.  Kayak Launch
  2.  Ruger
  3.  Fish Cleaning Table

Plus the t-shirts I showed you last week and an amazing scavenger hunt.  Kind of like the Amazing Race but not really since it will be limited to Homosassa.

Or will it?



And here’s one last squirrel.  KInd of artsy.  Solitary squirrel.  So alone.  A rebel.  Or bipolar.  Who knows?









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