Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

I’ve had Alexa for four weeks now.

Time flies by when you are having fun!  Right?

I asked her the other day if she was spying on us.  She was obviously dismayed and said that she only contacts Amazon when she wakes up.

I also like to thank her for helping me out.  Try to be kind to my future keeper.

We have been talking to her.  I’ve been asking her to play certain music since she arrived.  I already used Amazon music so it was just natural.  Also great to tell her to turn it down when I get a phone call.  I don’t have to get my lazy butt up and manually turn down the volume.

We also ask what the weather will be, what the headlines are.

Alexa has become the really smart polite child that doesn’t talk back unless we want her to!

Ok.  I love Alexa today but will I still love her when she and her kind take over the world????

So many questions with no answers.

Ok.  If you are my “friend” on FB you have already seen all the snaps I took from the “Old Homosassa Community Day”.

But because everyone isn’t my FB “friend”, here’s the shots again!

Fashion Show

–all the outfits were designed by the students at the Learning Center.

Flag Raising Ceremony and Flag Retirement Ceremony

by the American Legion and the Lecanto HS Jr. ROTC

Open Mic

Local Community Groups in Old Homosassa

Homosassa River Restoration Project
Save the Homosassa River Alliance
Old Homosassa Heritage Council

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council made over $2000 on the yard sale.  But let’s put that into perspective–we need $40,000 to paint the water tower.

The Shrimpapalooza is this Saturday.  This is SUCH A FUN EVENT.  Starts with a parade.  Some people dress like shrimp.  Some of those shrimp are in pots.  To boil.

Yes, this is a very unique event.

Gotta admit, we aren’t prepared.  Terry and I and our golf cart will be in the parade.  But we will be very plain compared to the rest of the entourage.

There’s a new website for the Homosassa Civic Club.  It’s  I haven’t quite got it finished but you can check it out and give me suggestions!

And things for your calendar.

Terry and I will be at all the following events….

Mosquito Control Open House, March 22nd.

Steak and Steak at M&B Dairy on April 13th.  Funds go to the Boys and Girls Club of Citrus County.

Cayla’s Coats will be hosting a disco night on April 29th at the Key Training Center.  Cayla’s Coats provide coats, life jackets, and swim scholarships for children in need in Citrus County.

I know Cayla’s grandmother.  I made the mistake of asking her what the Cayla’s Coats thing was all about. This is the short version. Cayla drowned in one of the canals off of the Homosassa River.  Family and friends were getting ready to go out on the boat and no one noticed that Cayla was missing.  My throat still wells up every time I think about it.

I’m sure there’s more!

Have a great weekend.


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