Friday meanderings

Friday meanderings

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Happy Last Day of March!

We’ve had some great weather over the past week.  Even took the boat out a couple times.


Had a baby otter on the dock the other day.  Otters “peep” to keep in contact with each other.  This one was peeping away.  Couldn’t find mama.  After a couple of minutes, Mama and another baby otter showed up.  I didn’t get close enough to get really good photos.  I figured Mama just might be ferocious with two babies in tow.



They hung out for awhile and then headed down the kayak ramp.

So cute.  But they can be mean and destructive.  I’ve heard of them completely destroying seats on boats if they get on. Terry checked out the kayaks just in case they were living in there and all was okay!

A little bit of news here, I’m blogging for now.  On Tuesdays I will be putting up news of Old Homosassa on that website.  Kind of a Friday Meanderings on Tuesday!

Okay, I’ve got a house full of company and a kitchen full of dirty dishes so I gotta go!

Have a great weekend!


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