Friday Meanderings

Okay, so am I the luckiest person in the world. Between all the nature in my backyard and all the music in my head, I could not ask for more!


Went to Banjo Camp and survived.  It’s always very amazing.  Top banjo pros from all over the country–I have their books, I have their albums!  And they are teaching me!  Okay, it’s not one on one, but none of the classes have more than 20 people in them and most have less than a dozen.

banjo instructors
These three are some of the top banjo players in the world. All progressive in their era. The man in the middle is Alan Munde, the guy on the left is James McKinney and the young person on the right is Wes Corbett. These men have been pivotal in banjo music. And I love it but you are saying, who are these people???? And I’m saying, best concert ever! And I was about five feet from them.

This is my third year at banjo camp and every year I leave saying, I gotta practice more!

To those that might remember my bit about the hummingbirds versus the honey bees last week, we changed out the feeder for a “flying saucer” looking one.  This was one of the suggestions on the Internet and I actually had one in the cupboard.  Have to admit I had the same problem a few years ago with the honeybees and ordered this crazy piece but the hummers wouldn’t use it.  I stuck it in the cupboard and its been resting there.

In desperation, we put it back up and the honey bees were all over it at first and the hummingbirds wouldn’t even land there.

But….after a week, they finally started using it.  Yeah!  And the bees can’t get into it.  Success! (And I gotta say I love these photos! I think these might be black and white and framed in the future)

hummingbird 1




Okay.  These photos aren’t quite as good.  I was out for a walk (very slow jog) and this is what I came across….

Friday Meanderings

Okay.  Like I already said, the snaps aren’t all that great.SO PIXELEATED! RIGHT?  But it was my iPhone and I was many yards away from this little lady.

And away she goes!

Friday Meanderings

And on Thursday we went to Bluebird Springs.  The annual Homosassa River Alliance picnic meeting.  This is our first year.  Bluebird Springs is amazing.  And it needs cleaned up.  New project?  Oh my my my, totally needs the “Greens” to take this on!

Bluebird Springs

Friday Meanderings

Oh yeah!

Hey, get outside and enjoy this weather!  It will be 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity in just a matter of days!

Have a great weekend!


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