Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!

I’m still pretty excited about the Public Hearing on Wednesday with the Board of County Commissioners where they unanimously voted against the 110-room hotel on wetlands on Halls River Road.  I have nothing against progress, but there’s a right way to do it.  So encouraged with the turnout at the meeting and how the commissioners voted.  

I followed up with the county last week asking about the status of the sidewalks in Old Homosassa on Yulee Drive.  Mostly got the same response…”we are considering your suggestions”  but I did get this email from Walt Eastmond

Good afternoon Kathy – The consultant is continuing to work on the project.  The construction plans are progressing to the 90% phase and are expected to be sent to us for review in May.   About a month or so ago the consulting engineer and I went to the site to review the tree and sidewalk conflicts to try to determine an alternate route for the sidewalk and yet still meet all of the Federal requirements.  I want to say that we were successful in  resolving all of the conflicts; however, I need to hold off on my optimism until the design and engineering analysis is complete for the new sidewalk route.  If the design and engineering can be accomplished as we have proposed in the field then we will be able to work around each of the  trees. 

Hope this is helpful.    

Let me know if you have any other questions, 


Walt Eastmond

Transportation Project Manager

Engineering Division

Mr. Eastmond made me feel like someone is actually reading my emails!  Thank you Mr. Eastmond!  Looking forward to reviewing the “90% plan.”

You know those “yard sales” we had out on 19 last weekend from 98 to Crystal River Mall? Does anyone else think that’s a bad idea? One of the busiest roads in Citrus County bordered with yard sales.  And people driving willy-nilly to get the bargains? And this is now semi-annual.  Crazy Cakes.  I don’t know how that is improving our lives here in Citrus County.  

Hey, if anyone wants the new Old Homosassa Heritage Council T-Shirts, the Watson Art Gallery will have some available.  They are VERY nice!  And the money goes to a good cause–preserving and enhancing our community!

Have a great weekend!


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