Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Here in Old Homosassa, we celebrate our country’s independence a week early.


Gotta say, it’s a good marketing tool. Inverness and Crystal River share the fireworks over the real holiday. Old Homosassa and all of the waterfront bars are ready with a party the weekend before.

The day starts out with a poker run and there are events at just about every waterfront bar and restaurant.  Like a tug of war at the Freezer, pie eating and a beer belly contest at MacRae’s, cornhole at Seagrass and a ping-pong twerking contest at Riverside Resort.  There’s even a shuttle boat that takes poker run participants to the various places.

Now, I have to say I only witnessed the kids’ pie eating contest.  (really wondering how that ping-pong twerking worked out!) But it was freaking hot which required a lot of beer to keep cool.  And we had to pace ourselves because my favorite event is the Fireworks Show and there were a lot of hours before that took place.

And it was super.  For the first time, we watched the show from a boat on the Homosassa River.  Way too much fun.




This weekend the real festivities begin. Saturday is the first day of scalloping season.  A lot of fun for those that do the scalloping.  And it’s a boon to all of our local businesses.

But the river and our community take a beating.

There’s only a small county lot that offers free parking.  That fills up very quickly and then the boaters park their trucks and trailers along the streets, on the sidewalks, even in the retention ditches.  Riverside Resort offers a ramp and parking for a price.  There are also several neighbors that provide parking for a fee.  Some even give a golf cart ride back to the ramp.

But still.  Illegal parking.  Blocked streets.  Trash thrown any old place.  Public urination.

The Homosassa Civic Club has innovative ideas to help relieve some of the issues and yesterday met with Sheriff Prendergast, Citrus County’s new sheriff. More work needs to be done but the Civic Club is working with the community, the sheriff, and the area businesses to offer solutions without alienating the tourists.

It will take a while to get everything in place.  But… will be worth it!

And speaking of our River.

Once again.

Don’t throw your scallop shells in the Homosassa or Crystal Rivers.  It’s okay to throw them in the Gulf.  But putting them anywhere in the Rivers.  They just stay. And they don’t belong there.

Here’s the county sign….

scallop sign

Our local river community groups decided that was too vague and there were not enough signs.  So created this version.

scallop sign

This one is in front of Old Homosassa Learning Center.  We can only put them on private property.  The county supports our ideas but do not support the idea of putting the signs on county land.


And what’s going on with the Learning Center????

A mural by Cindy Ersch, a local artist and lover of our community!

scallop shells

It’s not done.


How about how great this community is!


The civic club has also invited Tiffany Beck to hold yoga lessons at their facility.  $5.00 a session and veterans get a 50% discount.  Starting July 8, every Saturday and Wednesday at 10 am.  Limited to 30 people.

Have a great weekend and holiday!


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