Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday!  Yippee!

I know, I’ve said this many times, but even though I haven’t actually had a real job at a real desk since 1999, Friday is still the BEST!

(Oh, wait, Sunday is the BEST! Same concept, though.  When I worked and actually made money, Sunday was our downtime.  Read that big paper.  Have a Bloody Mary with brunch. Take a nap.  Maybe play 9 holes of golf.)

So Friday is second best. (And I’m still stuck on that whole job agenda. I get up every morning at the crack of dawn and am at my computer by 8 am!)

No matter how long it has been since I had a job, Friday is still HAPPY HOUR!  And back when I made a paycheck, the very best Friday was when we could get the boss to go to lunch with us and it turned into early happy hour.  Seriously.  How lucky was I to have a boss like that. Right?

But now I’m my own boss and I can have happy hour any old time.

But I don’t because I volunteer and people would call me a barfly. (ok, that’s an inside joke)

And I love it.  I truly believe that Terry and I are making a difference in our community. Along with a whole lot of other people that I can not even list here.  OMG.  So many have stepped forward.

And with all that hoo-haw, gotta say all that volunteering and trying to change things around is now my priority. (This little blog definitely is low on the list although I continue…..)

Sorry, those few people that still read.  (Donna and Jessica)

I love to write and I love to make statements but I’ve been “re-prioritized”.  I didn’t even post for the the last few weeks.  (Sorry Diane)  And I really have a LOT TO SAY!

And I think I’ll start saying it right here.

There is a person out there that has issues.  And this person has done a lot to cause problems in our little community.  This person dwells in mendacity.  This person has made fake FB pages and purported them as real. Some of the local residents do not know that these are fake pages and false words. But.  We don’t bother responding.  Because good and truth and real always wins.

And always will.

The civic club started yoga classes last week.  Every Saturday and Wednesday at 10 am.  $5.00.  Tiffany West is our yogi and she is amazing.  Gotta say that I believe the Universe sent us Tiffany.  My friend and cohort Laurel and I didn’t even check out one of her classes.  Just talked to her and knew she was the real thing.  Thank you Universe.  She is so amazing that she has offered to teach on Tuesday evenings.  (Just gotta get 4 people that don’t need to start drinking before 5:30)

Our sewing workshop continues and has really turned into a fun place to hang out and just talk.  I love this time. There’s some sewing going on. Maybe some knitting and crocheting. But it’s just fun to talk.  We have an awesome group.  Took two of my granddaughters last week–Addison and Kendall–and they made pillows from the donated fabric and supplies.  (They also went with me to yoga and did all the poses–such cool kids!)

The Universe has blessed me.  I have made so many great friends.  I have a wonderful home, a great husband, and a sweet really old dog. Our children inspire me.  My grandchildren amaze me.

Have a great weekend!


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