Happy September!

Got home from ND and then Jes and Andrew came to visit five days later.

We usually have a party when they come to visit with friends and family but we just weren’t ready to do that after driving from ND. (Jes said that she never saw our cupboards so bare!)

Headed to the airport right now so Jes can return to DC.

Here’s a bunch of snaps from our weeklong adventure!

I always feel like after Labor Day it’s time to get BACK TO WORK!

I’m returning to posting over on NatureCoaster.com  and attempting to post twice a week on DesignsbyKTGreen.com.  Just depends on how many projects I get finished!

The Homosasssa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival is just two months away.

The Homosassa Civic Club returns to meeting monthly on the 11th which is also the first day of the Learning Center’s Fall session.

Time flies!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.




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