Friday Meanderings

Today I’m using my iPad which is using my iPhone for a hotspot. Very thankful for tech that I don’t quite understand.

Heavy sigh.

Having said that, there may be auto corrects and other weird pagination because I’m using the iPad. No photos today because I use my desktop for pics and it has no energy right now.

Kind of like me.


I keep a mental “things to be thankful for” list.

Since last Monday, the day of the beginning of the mass evacuation to who knows where for people running from Irma, I’ve added my little Publix on Halls River Road to that list. Because I never had to actually enter the manic drivers on their exodus on US-19. And then after five days hearing that there was no water or soup on the shelves and we will all die from starvation and dehydration and storm surge–my Publix was fully stocked last Friday!

When I was gleefully pushing my cart full of produce and beer to my car last Friday, I received the first mandatory evacuation notice from the county. Kind of put a damper on my joyous mood.

That was the first of many notices and that was followed by numerous storm surge warnings. Yes. According to the sheriff’s department, the end was imminent. The sheriff himself even made a video showing what the storm surge would be like. Possible 6 ft at least 3 miles from the coast.

I turned the sound off on my phone. Couldn’t handle that emergency blaring any more. Yes, I know. I’m going to die. From something. Eventually.

Happy to say that none of that happened. Irma did rip into our little fishing village and we’ve been without power and cable since Sunday at 8:30 pm. I do not know what the wind speed was when it hit us but numerous huge trees were ripped up. Toppled over. Onto the lines. Onto houses. Onto roads. But no storm surge. Seriously, that’s the killer.

I’m not surprised that the power isn’t up yet for everyone. We are still down but many of our neighbors have AC again! Yippee! We are next. Any minute!

So last Friday I was whining about the propane delivery but might have forgotten then to mention that we needed the propane for the water heater, the stove top, and the automatic generator. The generator takes care of most of the first floor. That includes the AC in the master bedroom. Which we gave to Terry’s 92 year old mother. We have it better than most.

And Amerigas didn’t deliver on Monday but did show up on Tuesday. When Terry told the driver that we were sheltering Terry’s mom the driver made sure we got the full tank.

Thank you driver at Amerigas. Maybe I won’t change companies after all.

We are VERY fortunate. As Irma drunkenly stumbled up the coast she could have made a turn to the west. But she chose to make a more easterly path. We were spared.

But. My friends are still looking for gas. And ice. And power. And cable.

Next week. Back to normal.

Or as normal as we can be!

Have a great weekend!


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