Friday Meanderings

Spring is busting out all over here on the Nature Coast.

This is Bridal Wreath Spirea.  (At least I think that’s what it is) I’ve never planted it because it only has flowers for a few weeks and then looks like a scraggly bush the rest of the year.  This year it’s everywhere!  Just blooming like crazy all along the roads and paths.

My white azaleas are the same way.  Never have they been so beautiful.  I’m just guessing, but maybe these bushes needed that cold snap back in December to produce such lush flowers.

Pics from the Hood

How about the Olympics?  I love the Winter version.  Any sport where the participants have to wear shiny pointy weapons on their feet and go really fast has gotta be fun to watch!  And then there’s curling.  And skiing.  Okay.  I could go on and on.

“Cocktail Hour for the Tower” was a huge success.  And a lot of fun.  Now we can turn our full attention to the 2nd Annual Old Homosassa Community Day on April 7th.  If you want a booth it’s only $20!!! What a deal!

Next event in Old Homosassa is the 18th Annual Luminary Art Walk on Friday, March 2nd.  We always try to make it to the art walk.  Lots of fun.

Okay, that’s it for me!

Have a great weekend!



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