Friday Meanderings

I’m a wee bit late on the Friday Meanderings.

I usually pull it together on Thursday evening but had a bit of a set back yesterday and really didn’t feel like posting.

So here I am 24 hours later and ready to post (whine).

Having some major construction going on in our back yard.

Which means….

the sprinkler system is down

the pavers paths are destroyed

mountains of dirt and rocks everywhere

my flower gardens are very sad

a major hill of dirt in front of the house.

The project was supposed to be FINISHED next week.


No one worked on it this week.

Called.  No return calls.  This company was highly recommended by more than one source.

One of the workers that did show up for 10 minutes said there was a problem with Swift Mud.  For my non-local readers, that is our local state water district.  We live on a canal on a creek that leads to the Gulf.  Swift Mud is GOD.  This could be a very major set back.

So. Here. Are. Some. Happy. Photos. That. I. Took. Today.

These are my beautiful white caladiums from the “white and blue garden”.  You might note the leaves.  I don’t use mulch.  I did when I first moved here.  Then we had a flood (first of numerous floods) and all the mulch floated away.  My neighbor thought it was pretty funny.  “That’s gonna fly when you go to mow over it!”


Pink Caladiums in the back.

pink caladiums

When my dad passed away many years ago I received a pot of peace lilies. At the time I had two houses and knew that the beautiful lilies would die with no water while I was gone.  Planted them in the back yard where the sprinklers would hit them.  They die back every winter.  We cut them to the ground.  And they come back.  We have more every year.  I’ve given them to neighbors.

peace lilies

Shooting star hydrangea that my niece Michelle gave me many years ago.  It’s SO beautiful.

Shooting star hydrangea

Even beautiful when it’s not fully bloomed!

Shooting star hydrangea

And my BLUE “endless summer” hydrangea that continues to defy me!

Oh yeah, that’s pink!

To be fair, I’ve moved this poor little bush so many times.  it has not been happy at all until it’s current location in the “white and blue” garden.  So I’m glad that it’s still alive.

But this guy has been around for awhile. He gets an ugly fungus every year.  Used a fungicide that Southern Living magazine  recommended.  Didn’t work.  Cut it all the way to the ground last winter.

How pretty is he now????


He’s quite stubborn but is slowly turning blue–thanks to chemicals.

I think these pretties will be coming into the house in a pretty white vase!


The only rose I can grow here. (believe me, I’ve tried others) Don Juan.  Love it SO much!

Don Juan Rose

Okay.  So because of the construction, these pots that are normally on the back deck are huddled here until a huge live oak.  Because we have to paint the deck AFTER the construction is finished.


Just a little close up.


This is just a pot of vincas and pentas.  But I love the blue and those bunny feet.  Makes me happy.


These chairs have been upside down on my potting deck since Hurricane Irma came through LAST SEPTEMBER!  I usually give them a new layer of paint and have them out by the water in March.  Yes.  I’m blaming the never-ending turmoil in my back yard. But I have pulled them out and they will get their lovely new coat this week!


Okay.  So. You might be able to tell that I’m not VERY HAPPY about how things are going.  Hopefully next Friday I can give you a happier update.

But at least I have this view.  Swift Mud can’t take that away from me!


Have a great weekend!



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