Friday Meanderings

We live on the end of a canal off of Mason Creek.  Things float down here and stay.  One surreal moment a few years ago, a bunch of partially inflated helium balloons floated by. In the water but just enough helium to have a little air time.

I pulled them out before any dolphins were harmed.

There’s been balls, buckets, beer cans.  

A few days ago a palm tree came to visit.  It’s been floating back and forth.  I told my neighbor that I hoped it ended up in front of her house. She wished me the same.

Today three manatees took a break from manatee love and chewed on the palm fronds on the floating palm. Did not know palm fronds are included in the manatee diet.

And on it floats. 

Speaking of floaters, there was a pontoon boat floating around on Mason Creek. No motor. Obviously abandoned. A ghost boat. I haven’t been out on the water for awhile to see if it’s still wandering the canals.  I suppose it could end up back here eventually.

Haven’t been out on the water because I’ve been too ate up with doing things that seemed really important.  But now looking at them in reverse–probably not. Heavy sigh.

And now on to another subject…

Want to make a quick bit about the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  I now belong to three local organizations. Two of those groups suck the energy out of me.  They are turning me into a hollow shell. (unfortunately I haven’t lost any weight)

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council is full of eager, enthusiastic and energetic people dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of our little community.  I LOVE this group!

So it made me sad the other day when I was talking about OHHC and wearing my t-shirt and someone said something about why would they want to support the cause of saving the water tower?  

But that’s not what we are.  That’s a project that we are working on at this moment.  

And it’s a good project.  It’s the symbol of Old Homosassa.  And even better–it brought the community together.

But we’ve also worked very hard to save our trees.  Many in the group went to the Board of County Commisioner’s meeting and convinced the commissioners to turn down the proposal of a 3-story hotel on Halls River.  

And there will be more.  

And that’s why you should support the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.

Oh, let me get off of my soap box before I fall and break a hip.

Have a great Memorial Day!


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