Friday Meanderings

Friday already!

Nothing going on in Old Homosassa this weekend.  Other than our art galleries, bars and bands and lots of motorcycles. Looks like I get to hang out here in “Perfect”!

Life is good.

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council had a very successful event at the Cobia tournament last weekend.  Not only did we raise quite a bit of money with the raffle and t-shirt donations, we got the name of our group out plus spread the word about our goals.  During the event, Doug, owner of Old Homosassa Karts, offered us a golf cart for our next fund raiser!  And he delivered it last night at our monthly meeting!  

golf cart
How cool is this???!!!!

The tickets will be $5.00 each with the drawing held at the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood festival during the weekend of November 14-15.  As soon as I make the new logo for the tickets and get them printed, we’ll be selling them. (You know, besides enjoying Perfect, I’ll be doing some graphic design this weekend!)  

The next few weekends will be slow here in Old Homosassa and then it’s crazytown! The last Saturday of June–the 27th–there will be three big events. The Mullet Toss is at the Old Mill Tavern. Proceeds go to the Homosassa Elementary School. The Freedom Festival–complete with a poker run and fireworks–is on the river.  And even bigger than both–it’s the first weekend of scalloping season. Motorcycles, boats, fireworks and mullet flying.

Oh my!

And we will have the Old Homosassa Heritage Council booth at MacRae’s of Homosassa and perhaps a golf cart out and about during all that pandemonium.  Fun!

I haven’t been posting my “Project 365″ photos on a timely basis.  Sorry. Perhaps I’ve got my priorities messed up!  I take the pictures but actually getting them into Photoshop and then uploading them is another matter.  It really isn’t that hard or even that time-consuming but getting to the computer at the end of the day just doesn’t happen.  Perhaps I should just load them up for the week on a certain day.  I’ll have to think about it.

All you locals, have you been to Frazier Farms for sweet corn and other lovely fresh vegetables?  Terry and I have found some reason to be in Brooksville for the last three weeks.  One dozen ears of corn, green beans, red potatoes.  Fresh.  Do I need to say more?

To those of you that know my sister and her issues, Terry and I went to visit her yesterday. All went well and she’ll be out of the hospital today.

Okay, that’s it.  Have a great weekend!



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