Friday Meanderings

I have so much to ramble on about today!

First I have to report that some loser knocked down the neighborhood roosters. So sad.


If you haven’t seen them in person, these guys are big. 

Me and Maggie by the first rooster
Me and Maggie by the first rooster after it magically appeared overnight. This was a few years ago–we’re so young!  My hair hadn’t suddenly turned gray!
And then one day the second fowl magically appeared. Here they are, dressed for Valentines.

This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to knock them over. But this time they not only got the roosters but several mailboxes and a few street signs.  Why?


Good news! I have heard from a reliable source that the roosters will be returned to their former glory.  Soon. With some extra reinforcement. Since its always been kind of magical when the roosters appear, I can only hope that I’ll see the process and get pictures!


Next important report, it’s Lu’s birthday on Monday.  He’ll be 55!  Two birthday cakes will be served. According to the Tampa Bay Times, 10 am and 12:30.  A great photo op.  Hope I can make it.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park
Lu the Hippo

The Acoustic Music Meet-Up Group also meets Monday from 2 to 4 at the Coastal Regions/Crystal River Library.  All acoustic musicians are welcome along with singers.  Or if you just want to sit and listen, that’s fine, too.  Since our northern friends have returned, we have a bigger group.  And another banjo!

I posted about Ozello on January 12th.  Love Ozello and was a bit surprised about all those signs that were warning us to slow down on every curve.  It turns out, they were just putting up those signs as we happened on them.  There’s been a huge outcry from locals and people that just love Ozello.  The state claims that they were installing them because there were so many accidents on the road.  The locals say that drivers already know how curvy the road is and the signs are ruining the scenic drive.  Some of the signs are coming down! We’ll wait a bit and take another drive out there to see what we can see. 

Out and About: Ozello

Happy to have Michelle back and posting.  She mentioned this week that my blog has changed from its original “healthy living” format.  Gotta agree.  I’m more focused on local issues.  Terry and I are becoming more involved in our community and that’s what this blog is reflecting.  Whatever Michelle decides to post on Wednesday is okay with me.  I’m looking forward to reading her clever updates!

And now fun weekend events that we’ll be attending….

The first concert for the year will be held at the Old Homosassa Printing Museum and Café.  Starts at 1 pm on Saturday and will include a Celebration of Life for Susan Mitchell. According to the Citrus Chronicle, Ms. Mitchell “founded the Nature Coast Friends of the Blues to keep blues music in Citrus County alive after the annual Blues ‘n Bar-B-Que in Old Homosassa was in danger of ending.”  She passed in December from ALS at the age of 59.  

Sunday the Friends of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge Complex meets at the 1st United Methodist Church on Bradshaw for their annual meeting from 2 – 4. After the business meeting, Chris Anastasiou, Ph. D, chief scientist and the leader of the Springs Team of the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFMD)  will be the featured speaker.  Last year the meeting was quite interesting. John Moran, a Florida photographer, was the guest speaker and State Senator Charlie Dean also talked about how he was a “lobbyist” to save the water.  Hoping the Senator will return and give us an update.

Charlie Dean, Florida State Senator
Charlie Dean, Florida State Senator
Ross Knudsen and John Moran
Ross Knudsen, president of the Friends of the Crystal River, and John Moran, photographer.

So that’s what we are up to!  

Have a great weekend!




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