Friday Meanderings

So have you ever gave a party and no one came.  NO?  Me neither.  

Except for that other blog that I tried to start.  No one came.  Sad tears for  

So I’m not promoting it anymore.  It’s there.  I’ll throw a DIY post or two out there.  But it’s way more work than I want to do.  

This week Terry and I went out on the boat and I was like “and why am I doing all this extra time on a blog that no one reads and I don’t make any money on?”  And we spent a blissful morning on the river from one end to the other.  We even did a little fishing when we reached the Gulf.  Terry caught a couple.  Not me.  The only fish I ever catch are really stupid ones that impale themselves on the hook.  

Ohhhhhh, you will eventually see pictures.

But isn’t my life great?  I got to spend a few hours last week with Kim Arnett La Casa of Mason Creek and she is a really good person.  We had a very nice lunch and I talked WAY too much.  And Kim just let me ramble on.  

And last weekend Terry and I stopped in at Watson’s Art Gallery.  That place and the people are just so fun. Love visiting and just seeing what’s up.

And I’m part of the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  I so appreciate being part of this amazing and energetic group.  

So what’s all that sunshine about?  Got me!  I just felt like over-sharing at this particular moment. Perhaps I should see a therapist.  Naaaaaaah.  Not today! 

So what is going on in your weekend?  I’m heading to the river.  With my husband!  (Gotta spend some quality time there before the scallopers take over!) And next week I’m hanging with my friends at another river. (perhaps there will be pictures!)

Have a great one!


Three days with three grandkids.






5 thoughts on “Friday Meanderings

  1. I always forget to check BOTH pages. 🙁 sorry. You should just do a ‘Press This’ post and it’d link to this site as well. (??)

    • That’s okay Michelle. I shouldn’t have started the second website because I wasn’t ready to commit to it. I’m just going to do my regular DIY here on Thursday and put the same post on the other website. I found other problems with the “theme” and just don’t feel like spending the hours to change it.

      • I LOVE that toile. If I buy some of the fabric, I’ll get some for you, too! It would be great for Fall and Halloween. I love those subtle accents that may or may not be noticed!

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